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Look What I Found…

Thursday, August 30th, 2012

In a recent trip’s airplane in-flight entertainment list:

YUKI’s “playball” is also in the list, in which “Sakamichi no Melody” was released in. It’s very nice to see her work other than in the fandom niche I dug myself into :D

On this trip I almost got to meet Yyrkoon in person but missed him by a day! (And thank you for everyone else who sent in messages :) )

Animax Musix 2010

Sunday, November 7th, 2010

UPDATE (November 7, 2010): Reports over the net say that the following songs related to Kanno were performed:

Sousei no Aquarion (AKINO from bless4)
Go Tight!/AKINO from bless4
inner universe/ORIGA
Seikan Hikou/Shouko Nakagawa
Diamond Crevasse/May’n
Don’t be late/May’n

Not directly related, but who else finds the line-up to this concert interesting (hint: look to the far right…)? Another thing to note is that they will do covers of anime songs. Singers of anime songs doing covers of anime songs. Yes, looking forward to it ;) I’m also on the watch out if ever there would be an announcement of secret guests *ahem*


The Idol Talk Audio Sample

Friday, July 9th, 2010

So, I was going around the net today and someone pointed out that the audio sample of a woman talking in English at the background of Idol Talk was obscene. He proceeded to type out what he heard, and of course I thought he was joking. Then I remembered, one of you guys have hinted this to me before, but I never got it (because I am clueless as a brick). If you’re reading right now, please remind me what exactly we were talking about that brought it up – was it Shanti Snyder?

I suppose Idol Talk is really supposed to be “Idle Talk”, which creates the image of a person who has nothing to do and talks dirty with someone over the phone.

Listen to two minutes into the song. Please don’t highlight this text if you think you might find it obscene. This is what is being said:

Let me hold it, stroke it gently up and down
Can you feel my juices around your rock hard cock
Take a closer look, mmmm very nice


Takashi Matsumoto, Yoko Kanno Dialogue / Interview

Thursday, November 12th, 2009

MINOR UPDATE: I tried working on some of it, and this was particularly interesting because they were talking about their impression of anime:

K: How about Gundam?
M: When it was televised, my daughter used to watch it every dinner time. My daughter used to say, “Char The Red Comet is so cool”, when I saw the anime, I said, “He’s certainly cool” (haha). A while after that, I watched everything including the movie.
K: It doesn’t mean that every anime is good, isn’t it? Do you have criteria?
M: I don’t decide that in the beginning. I watch everything. First of all, I try to test everything. During this, the ones that do not suit me are just from natural selection? I intend to use instinct for such.

How about Ms. Kanno?

K: I am prejudiced with it (haha). Because my parents were strict, comics and even books with little illustrations were not allowed. Though perhaps my parents also understand a bit right now. Because I was raised very strictly, I had a deep prejudice like, “Isn’t this an inferior work?” So, when I work, because it is in anime, I try not to think of such things.
M: But you only work on anime (haha)
K: I didn’t tell my parents about my work for about 10 years. Because my parents didn’t watch TV, they surely didn’t know what their daughter was working on. But I told them about my work for NHK because I thought it was filial piety (haha). Because it was strict like this, I think I am prejudiced.

Apparently, the interview of Takashi Matsumoto, Seikan Hikou’s popular lyricist, with Kanno that appeared in Continue Magazine has a long version published in Matsumoto’s website. The interview only turned up in the website today, November 6, 2009. Please click the image above to read it (Japanese). I have only skimmed through it, and I don’t think I have time to work on it, so if someone could translate fully or in summary, I would appreciate it.


Space Bio Charge Official Lyrics

Saturday, June 13th, 2009

Here they are, the lyrics that I know have not been published, or have some alterations in Space Bio Charge. If you are aware of some more lyrics that I should publish since they were previously unpublished, please inform me.

words: 岩里祐穂, 菅野よう子
music & arrangement: 菅野よう子
vocal: スコシ*

日差しを避け 誰と会おうか
Here comes the day you’re lookin’ for

ほらね 笑った
花束にして君にファンタシー 抱えてくよ

Good bye yesterday
くりかえして ポケットにずっと
Good bye yesterday
その向こうに 流れてゆく雲

待ちぼうけ 原っぱに風が見えた
星空にして君にファンタシー 照らしたいよ

Good bye yesterday
振り向けばきっと 君の手のひらこぼれてく
Good bye yesterday
遠い遠い 遠すぎる空が
何色であっても かまわないから

見えなくなって そう はじめて
ねえボクにも さわれる日が来る もういちどうきっと…

Good bye yesterday
くりかえして ポケットにいつも**
Good bye yesterday
もうすぐほら ポケット離れ
Good bye yesterday
その向こうに 流れてゆく雲


words: Yuuho Iwasato, Yoko Kanno
music & arrangement: Yoko Kanno
vocal: sukoshi*

boku wa sugu ni
yuube mita yume o wasurete shimaun da
kyou wa doko ni ikou
hizashi o sake dare to aou ka
hibiwareta mado ni utsuru fantasy
Here comes the day you’re lookin’ for

hora ne waratta
waratteta houga zutto yasashii yo
doko de matsu no
me no mae ni aru no ni naze ga kowakutte
hanataba ni shite kimi ni fantasy kakaeteku yo

Good bye yesterday
kurikaeshite poketto ni zutto
kimi no bouken ga tsumatteru
goodbye yesterday
sono mukou ni nagarete yuku kumo
tatoeba kizutsuku koto ga atte mo
boku wa kitto heiki sa

kyou wa sukoshi
ano hi kita basho o omoidashiterun da
nani o utaou
machibouke harappa ni kaze ga mieta
hoshizora ni shite kimi ni fantasy terashitai yo

Good bye yesterday
furimukeba kitto kimi no tenohira koboreteku
Good bye yesterday
tooi tooi toosugiru sora ga
naniiro de atte mo kamawanai kara
boku wa zutto arukou

mieteta toki ni mienakute
mienaku natte sou hajimete
miete kuru mono
nee boku ni mo sawareru hi ga kuru mou ichido kitto

Good bye yesterday
kurikaeshite poketto ni itsumo**
kimi no bouken ga tsumatteru
Good bye yesterday
mou sugu hora poketto hanare
kimi no bouken ga ugokidasu
Good bye yesterday
sono mukou ni nagarete yuku kumo
tatoeba kizutsuku kotoga atte mo
boku wa kitto heiki sa

You smiled
words: Yuuho Iwasato, Yoko Kanno
music & arrangement: Yoko Kanno
vocal: sukoshi*
translation by mai

I forgot at once the dream that I saw last night
Where do you go today?
Avoiding the sun, who will you meet?
Your fantasy is reflected in the broken window
Here comes the day you’re lookin’ for (more…)

Space Bio Charge CD Packaging

Tuesday, June 9th, 2009

My copy arrived today, and I thought this would be interesting since I think only a few people who visit here got it.

First up, the CD box came with a little Seatbelts sticker, and a white page announcing the 7/7 concert. The outer track list is a detachable sheet from the main box. Not to worry, since another track list is available inside in the booklet.

The CD jacket opens up nicely to reveal the CDs consecutively:

The outside of the jacket.