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Turning over a new leaf: WorldWide Y.K.

Sunday, May 25th, 2014

(Admin post)

Hi everyone! Remember this?

It has been more than a year since A Gabriela Robin Site has been updated. The plan was to give the website a silent goodbye and let its contents age, until the website is eventually forgotten. But a handful remembered, as evidenced by emails I received during my absence, from readers who had concerns not just for the website contents, but also for my well-being. Thank you for the messages and greetings! My hands are just full of new and exhausting but fulfilling endeavors.

That said, this post is being made to welcome a surprise successor to the site – by someone who also didn’t forget (and for many reasons, the fandom should also never forget ;) ). He is no less than Yyrkoon, a previous contributor to this site! Let us all welcome his website, WorldWide Y.K.! The site starts off with articles of events at the time that A Gabriela Robin Site ends, and has links to this site’s previously published articles. Here’s the About section of the website. There’s a lot of material ready for your perusal, please give it a go :)

Here’s to the legacy of A Gabriela Robin Site, the community, and a long, fruitful run for WorldWide Y.K.!

Yours truly,

Ranka’s Movie Costume + Other Newtype October Mag Images

Friday, September 11th, 2009

UPDATE: Hmmm, looks like those cute pics are just jokes, and this is what will really happen. Good call, might I add:

Also, Gubaba has translated a few new things that were revealed in the magazine:

* Movie is opening 11/21.
* It’s called “Macross F ~The False Diva~.”
* It will feature the latest in visuals.
* There will be new costumes designed by Risa Ebata, including Ranka as a “Valkyrie Girl,” which should please the old-school Macross fans.
* Ranka is a campaign girl for the mecha design company “Dynam.” And of course there will be a campaign song.
* Kawamori says that the TV version of Ranka (as a campaign girl) was more cute, but in the movie, it’ll be more “active.”
* Megumi Nakajima says there are already lots of catchy songs in the movie, and they’re still recording more.

These are semi-thumbnails, please click to view the actual size.

Newtype says that in the movie, Ranka is a campaign girl for “Dynam (ダイナム)” mecha. The design of her outfit imitates the VF-25.

And this one may be part of Sheryl’s debut release? I’m not sure, but the text kinda says, “I have debuted, therefore I’m no longer a child.”


Site Updates: Space Bio Charge, etc.

Wednesday, July 15th, 2009

It’s been a long month, and the updates have been piling up. The updates just performed are:

- Space Bio Charge entries added to Works, Lyrics. SBC did not get a separate entry in the Lyrics section, as all are either already published in other CDs, or are credited to other *names*.

- Lyrics section updated with “Lyrics Credited to Kanno”. Don’t ask. We are now accepting retrospective submissions of romanizations and translations credited to Kanno.

- Lyrics to Chikyuu Kyoumei updated with official ones from SBC. It was previously a fan-transcribed entry.

- Lyrics to ABC Mouse Parade updated with CD liner notes.

- Who is Gabriela? page updated with you know what, changed the image, and updated with another alleged pseudonym “sukoshi”.

- Neko no Kimochi, Wo Qui Non Coin lyrics updated based on corrections by Toyoda Daisuke (thank you!)

Improved Sidebar

Tuesday, April 21st, 2009

I have been procrastinating on redoing the design for this website for months now, and I’m feeling really lazy :P News comes first anyway, and there’s been a flurry of them recently.

That aside, I have decided to turn the sidebar into a calendar of upcoming activities, with events marked by thumbtack icons, and upcoming releases without images or affiliate links yet with CD icons. The events icons are linked to articles within this website.

Hope you guys like the addition!

And we’re BACK!!!!!!

Thursday, January 15th, 2009

One of the best birthday gifts I’ve had ever :) I hope this server is much better for all. It’s by, which was recommended by a friend Ia, who is also a website manager.

Anyway, there’s a backlog of posts, there’s a new CM, and Maaya’s new single, so stick around for updates!

UPDATE: Also, I’d like to add, thank you for those who sent me emails asking about the site and what-not, and those who were sending updates and other finds. I really appreciated them. The posts are almost all done now, just one more that I’ll put up in the weekend, there are some really interesting fan works shown to me by AlexL :) I missed updating this site too *scratches head* XD

New Server Search in Process

Wednesday, January 7th, 2009

Hi All,

As many of you have noticed, the poor performance of the server is impacting the accessibility of this website. How many times have you guys tried accessing it and it won’t load? I have decided to stop pleading to the server staff to improve their performance, and now I’m trying to find another server that would give us the best uptime and support.

This website will definitely go down for a few days to facilitate the transfer, but there’s no definite timeline as to when, so please bear with me. I can only hope that I’ll get a better host this time. Thank you for bearing with me through this, and for all your kind support.