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To Tell The Truth Theremin Cover by Randy George

Saturday, October 29th, 2011

Wow! You guys have to see and hear this. If you like it, drop the guy a note or a thumbs up in the youtube page :)

Rain and The Real Folk Blues “8-bit” Version by 9NiGHTS

Saturday, August 27th, 2011

If you are fond of 8-bit sounds, then you should listen to 9NiGHTS covers of Rain and The Real Folk Blues! They are really remarkable:

Contributed by Yyrkoon

Macross F Appreciation Festival Report

Thursday, June 9th, 2011

c/o Tochiro, as usual :) This event was supposed to be the celebratory event for the final release of Macross F. Kanno herself was not there, but I suppose it would be surprising if they didn’t mention her at all. I will quote the part which I think is most relevant to this community.

Please note that I unspoilered this post, so it might be a spoiler, though I think it’s not much of one.

Where music was concerned, Kawamori said that he really liked ‘Hoshi Kira’ – the closing song (the first of two credit roll songs) from the final scene of Wings of Farewell. Actually, he had originally planned to end the movie with ‘Anata no Oto’ (which would be a good fit as well as far as lyrics are concerned, even though it’s quite different from Hoshi Kira in terms of tempo).

Then, at one of the ‘Merry Christmas Without You’ Christmas concerts, Yoko Kanno had approached him saying that she had come up with a new song – she had a rough cut, non-vocal version with her for him to listen to on the spot and he was completely taken with the song from the first time he heard it.

Read the full entry at Macross World. Image from Megumi Nakajima’s blog.

Feature: Kanno Mania Blog

Tuesday, June 7th, 2011

If you’re looking for a Japanese blog with a similar format to this one you’re viewing right now, head on down to Kanno Mania. I just stumbled on it while searching previously for live info on Kanno, and I’m pleasantly surprised because it doesn’t only have straight-forward information, the blogger is also sometimes “talking” to the audience.

I suppose we’re all waiting for Cyber Bicci :)

Macross F Movies Karaoke…. Start!

Sunday, April 10th, 2011

UPDATE (April 10, 2011): Bump for the first set of entries! Also as a side note, the album is going strong in the Oricon charts, and has never left the top 10 weekly albums chart since it was released. Back on track, sing for us!!! :)

As with the previous karaoke challenges launched in this site, there are no real requirements except that there’s a recording of your voice, and that you’re singing a song from the select animation, in this set, songs from the Macross F movies OST + Cosmic Cuune. You don’t even have to have good equipment or even a good voice :D To keep the non-competitive environment, we’re not giving away prizes or anything like that, so go crazy.

I won’t be able to manage this one just as well I did the previous ones, so I’ll be asking those who want to send entries to upload their entries in, or in, or your desired hosting site which can stream the song. Then post it in the comments, and if I clear it, I shall add it to this post.

And as your usual sacrificial lamb, I shall go first. *cringe*

Name Song Title
Yyrkoon Kindan no Elixir
Goliath Get it on~Flying Rock
Phoebe Songbird
mai Songbird

Send your contributions as soon as you can :D

Goliath’s Fan Cover of Get it On~Flying Rock

Friday, January 28th, 2011

The song, with well-pronounced English and a full voice. Goliath, you made me like this song! I feel like I can now properly rock to it :D

When you play this, make sure you listen to HQ by changing the 240p on the player to 480p.