May’n Live in Singapore for Anime Festival Asia 2008 (updated)

UPDATE: DarkMirage will be handling the interview for May’n, and fan questions are encouraged to be sent through the AFA08 website.


May’n and Koji Morimoto will go? If Kanno’s going I think I may have to book my tickets to Singapore right now XD

Using the AFA website, you may send a note to May’n for her visit. According to DarkMirage, May’n will perform at least 7 songs. They are also going to handle the interview of May’n, for which they are currently asking fans to send in their questions.

Here’s a description of the event lifted directly from the AFA08 website:

For the first time ever in South East Asia, Singapore will celebrate the diversity of Japanese Pop Culture.

Taking place on the 22nd and 23rd of November 2008 (Saturday and Sunday) at the Suntec International Convention and Exhibition Center, Anime Festival Asia 2008 (AFA08) will showcase a wide array of Japanese Pop Culture related content, spanning over 5,000 sqm of space with 6 experience zones: Akiba Town, Anime Live, Anime Blockbusters, Industry, Mangaka and Planet Mech, where visitors will gain access to exclusive content, merchandise and live acts straight from Japan.

The festival targets children, youth, adults and industry visitors both locally and from around the region – with an expected turnout in excess of 80,000 visitors.

Anime Festival Asia 2008 (AFA08) is organized by I-Promo Events & Marketing in partnership with Dentsu Singapore. AFA08 is sponsored by Bandai, Japan’s leading toy manufacturer, with Animax as the official regional media partner.


“Anime Festival Asia will be an exciting experience for everyone in the family! There is a program-packed line-up at “Anime Live”, where activities on stage will include an exclusive premiere of an anime short from “Genius Party Beyond”, the latest anime feature movie from Studio 4¡C. AFA08 will also have character appearances, music performances and competitions of all kinds related to the anime industry. There will also be live talk shows where anime enthusiasts can meet the creators of their favourite anime. Manga fans will also have a chance to enter the world of the artist with a display of never before seen sketch arts in the “Mangaka” zone. “Planet Mech” will appeal to robot fans who can get up close and personal with a Gundam Seed Destiny diorama display; and the list goes on,” said Anthony Kang, Chairman, Dentsu Singapore and Chairman of AFA08.


KOJI MORIMOTO (“The Animatrix – Beyond”) Studio 4degree Founder and Animation Director and MARIMI SAKURAI (Project Manager, Studio 4¡ (Four Degrees) are the first two speakers confirmed for the “Anime Live” talk shows.

Anime Festival Asia ’08 will be held at Suntec International Convention and Exhibition Centre, Halls 403 and 404 from 10.00 am to 9.00pm. Tickets can be purchased at the door at $5 (1 day) and $8 (2 days). Children under 6 years of age enter for free. Visit for more details.

This write-up of May’n has been presented at a news conference in Singapore (source: The Bonkurasu Brigade)

Japan’s latest pop diva sensation – May’n will be performing ‘Live’ at Anime Festival Asia 2008. Performing her latest music from the hit Macross Frontier anime series, catch her at AFA08 for her first ever music performance outside of Japan.

May’n is one of Japan’s latest pop diva sensations. Currently 18 years old, her wish is to sing songs that can touch everyone’s lives. Singing since the tender age of 3, May’n topped the “Horipio (sic) – Talent Scout Caravan – Love Music – Audition” when she was 13 and came up tops from a total of 35,000 contestants.

In 2008, she took on the role of Sheryl Nome as the diva character in the highly successful hit animation series “Macross Frontier”. In early May 2008, her CD single release “Diamond Crevasse” topped Japanese Oricon charts at No. 3 – Her CD lauch event was so successful that it became the most well attended in the history of the Japanese music scene. Her next CD single released in August 20th 2008 “Lion”, again topped the Japanese Oricon charts at No. 3 – acheiving 2 consecutive single releases at No. 3.

Possessing a natural talent for live shows, coupled with her unique and dynamic vocal abilities, May’n takes pride in engaging her audiences profoundly during performances.

Get ready for her stunning performance at Anime Festival Asia 2008!

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22 Responses to “May’n Live in Singapore for Anime Festival Asia 2008 (updated)”

  1. Kai Says:

    That sounds so good. If I was still living in Sg we could have gone together. And seen May’n. 畜生! I think this is the only thing that could make me want to go back to Singapore.

  2. fugue Says:

    omg! who here is going?

  3. kuromitsu Says:

    Ouch, people seem to forget (again) that May’n didn’t actually play Sheryl, she “only” provided her singing voice… ^^;; As much as I like May’n's songs for Macross F, I can’t help but feel sorry for poor Endou Aya. She did a good job playing Sheryl, yet May’n gets all the praise. xD;;

  4. Kai Says:

    Well Aya has a lower profile than May’n. Poor girl also hardly featured in the Lucky Star OVA.
    If Kanno and Maaya attended I would swim back to Sg. NZ really is the cloaca end of no where when it comes to anime conventions.

  5. darkmax Says:

    Finally… but when is this happening?

  6. mai Says:

    @darkmax – according to the article, November 22 and 23

    @kuromitsu – I think that part of the article is correct, but info is not complete. May’n after all did take the role of Sheryl Nome, although not alone :)

  7. DarkMirage Says:

    Sadly, Maaya will definitely not be there as Dentsu cannot afford her. I would imagine Yoko should be even more costly to bring down.

    There is at least one unannounced seiyuu who will be coming according to certain individuals. She’s not Megumi Nakajima.

  8. Kai Says:

    @DarkMirage, that saves me the swim then. Still, I’d love to see May’n live. Whos the mystery seiyuu? Not Hirano?

  9. May’n LIVE at AFA008, Suntec City – Lulz Says:

    [...] at Bonkurasu. And also DarkMirage as one of the Featured Blogs at AFA08. You can also check out GabrielaRobin for more [...]

  10. May’n makes live appearance at AFA08 | Shrine Says:

    [...] at Bonkurasu. And also DarkMirage as one of the Featured Blogs at AFA08. You can also check out GabrielaRobin for more [...]

  11. fugue Says:

    so she’ll be performing a *minimum* of seven songs. can i take a guess at the tracklist for the mini concert?

    let’s see…
    1. Diamond Crevasse
    2. Welcome to my fanclub’s night
    3. What ’bout my star?
    4. Iteza go go kuji Don’t be late
    5. Infinity
    6. Yousei
    7. Lion (does this count?)

    it would be cool if she did Brother Spaceship live (or even Aimo!) :D

  12. Naddie Says:

    OH MAN. I so wanna go D: But the cost, arggghhhh. If I didn’t blow my scholarship on clothes it would’ve been affordable >_> I wanna goooo.

    Fugue: I pretty much agree with your list, but I’m sure there’ll be Northern Cross on it as well :D

  13. Fugue Says:

    @ Naddie – poop! i forgot all about NC! thanks for the reminder :D i’m so tempted to go, but i’m gonna wait for AFA to release an itenary/schedule before deciding. i’m hoping her concert will be on the evening of Nov 22, but what if the organizers want ppl to stay on till the end and schedule it on the evening of Nov 23? @@

    also, i’d like to see how much the premium concert tickets are gonna cost XD

  14. Naddie Says:

    Welcome, lol. Yeah, I’m hoping the tickets won’t be toooo expensive, but then again with the travel expense I’m pretty much looking for a bigger budget right now D: I’ve a feeling they’ll do it on the 23rd too… Man I wish I have more money right now. I would love to go and see what else the fest have to offer too! I’ve never been to one, since the Malaysian ones are always so far away.

  15. mai Says:

    @all – You may leave a message for May’n in this website, it’s at the bottom of the page:

    I made a major hint in my message (I hinted that I wanted a DVD of a Macross F concert) XD

  16. Faykar Says:

    Good luck holding AFA in SG, last I heard anime fans here got the short end of the stick.Jap Studios are now suing people in SG for downloading subs. :) thanks to the encouragement they got from the Odex fiasco last year. ( Maybe a secret scheme behind AFA08 to nab all downloaders who turn up :P )

  17. fugue Says:

    @Naddie – sniffle, if her concert’s on the 23rd like we both fear, that would mean an extra night’s stay = more money flying outta my wallet *Nyoooo* But in retrospect, we’re pretty lucky that AFA’s pretty close by to us geographically. it’s just a 5 hour bus ride =.=

    @mai – saw your comment in that list after i left my own message. drat, should have said something about wanting a live dvd as well. in fact, everyone here should try to keep driving that wish thru her subconscious XD (would ending every sentence with “LIVE no dvd hoshii” be too much? lol)

  18. bedesg Says:

    i’ll definitely be going
    looking forward to the concert~!

  19. Naddie Says:

    Lucky people who gets to go!
    I’m not sure if I can go D: I mean, even besides the money and all, the day’s always an issue too. Oh well, have a great time to those who are going!

  20. darkmax Says:

    I certainly hope Odex sink in their own *%$#.

    Although I do occassionally d/l stuffs, I had the habit of buying some of the better ones. Well, at least that was until the Odex incident. Now I buy direct.

    I’ll definitely be bringing my 4 year old to see May’n. He is a big fan! Hahaha.

  21. hide-X Says:

    I live in singapore and i am going to see her.

  22. mai Says:

    @hide-X – get back to us after the concert, will you? :D

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