“Merry Song” Male Vocalist Audition

An audition is on-going for a male vocalist of the theme song “Merry Song” for a non-profit cultural project, in which Kanno is the composer and producer. The demo is being streamed, and the instrumental and lyrics of the songs are available in the PIANO INC. website. The final recording is possibly composed of one or more vocalists.

The requirements for the vocalists are as follows:

- Male
- Student / Professional / Amateur experience doesn’t matter. Age may be up to 21 and a half years old.
- Resume with a photo
- Residence is not important. Foreigners are welcome.
- Should participate in a recording around the middle of February, should be filmed for a music video, and perform in an event.

Deadline for submission is on January 30.

The instrumental version sounds very much like Hana wa Saku, but with the lyrics it tends to sound very different. Looking forward to the actual purpose of this song!

Source: PIANO INC., Coma

10 Responses to ““Merry Song” Male Vocalist Audition”

  1. Goliath Says:

    Why male singer Q_Q Well I am also too old…. XDDD

  2. mai Says:

    I was thinking of you guys too, hahaha :D

  3. Ryan Says:

    Will definitely try for this!

  4. Goliath Says:

    This company, Piano.inc… is it a company founded by Kanno (and 2 others XD)? She is listed as a staff member and composer o.O

  5. Yyrkoon Says:

    Wow, it’s true, she’s with Shinichiro Watanabe and Keisuke “Tommy” Tominaga!
    She made the home page music too!
    It was fonded in October 2012, all the news are on the website!

    And the offer is available in English: http://www.piano.tt/merrysong/vocalist_en.html

  6. Onanymouse Says:

    404 and 403 on both sites respectively, what gives? Not that I planned to enter, but I was interested in the instrumental and lyrics…

  7. Onanymouse Says:

    Oh I guess it being February already could have something to do with it. Still, why take the sites down? >_>

    Did anyone save the instrumental?

  8. Viento Says:

    I sent my application. I’m so anxious this days, hehe. ^^

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