Waseda Glee Club Performance Report + Release

According to Ken’s net, aside from Kanno’s work, Michiru Oshima‘s Horatio was also performed. I am not sure though if Ms. Oshima is an alumnus of Waseda University like Kanno.

The writer describes Kanno’s piece “Song of Departure” as something that resembles her drama work, but some portions are different. He couldn’t pinpoint a specific existing piece to compare it to, but he said that it’s wonderful.

He also comments on Kanno’s unorthodox conducting (you guys know how this looks like…), that it’s not like she’s commanding. He says that it’s more like her existence directed the music, and he doubts that the performance can be reproduced if another conductor was in command.

They performed all-male choir versions of “Hana wa Saku”, and “Kagiri Naki Tabiji” of Turn A Gundam for their encore.

She did not sing, but she performed a solo piano of the Waseda University song.

According to coma, there will be a CD and DVD release in the future, but Kagiri Naki Tabiji will not be included in the DVD, not sure of the reason but maybe for licensing issues.

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