Tokiko Kato – KAZEUTA

UPDATE (December 9, 2012): For those who want to sample the song, here it is in the trailer of the Byakotai TV drama. The arrangement is wonderful!

Kanno will be arranging Tokiko Kato’s song “KAZEUTA [trans: WINDSONG]“, to be released this November 21, 2012. The song will be used in TV Tokyo’s 2013 New Year drama presentation, Byakotai.



Release Title: Tokiko Jyojyoka – Kazeuta -
Price: Y2381 (Y2500 Tax incl.) [approx. US$ 29.30 US Dollar]
Release Date: November 21, 2012
Description: Album from Tokiko Kato includes “Kazeuta,” “Aoi Koinobori to Shiroi Carnation,” and more.
Purchase from CDJapan.

Tokiko Kato also describes the arrangement as having a chorus of males, and having festive drums. She has photos from her blog about the recording.



Sounds interesting!

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