Mellsavon CM

UPDATE (December 5, 2012): For those interested, you may purchase this song from iTunes. And here I discover that the singer is Frida Lyngstad of ABBA (!). EDIT: That looks like a blunder from the iTunes store, since the singer is credited to Frida Sundemo.

Here is a set of videos containing the Mellsavon CM, with music by Kanno,  featuring the light, relaxing vocals of Frida. Don’t forget to check it out also in Grand Funk for a much clearer and longer version of the song.

7 Responses to “Mellsavon CM”

  1. PerdeskiCloyn Says:

    Still not in the US iTunes store… such a shame.

  2. Onanymouse Says:

    Frida of ABBA? That I really didn’t expect. Consider my mind blown.

  3. mai Says:

    I know right!

  4. Rina Says:

    I thought it was Frida Sundemo. :O

  5. Kayoko Says:

    Frida is a young Swedish woman.

  6. Yyrkoon Says:

    Lol, poor Frida Sundemo ;)

    By the way, her last single is quite interesting, hard to describe though:

  7. Cadentia Says:


    And I love the song. Really relaxing.

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