Waseda University Glee Club x Kanno

UPDATE (November 15, 2012): Song title added.
UPDATE (October 15, 2012): Kanno will be conducting her piece. Date of performance also added.

As many might remember, Yoko Kanno studied college in Waseda University, and would remember best the trivia that she did not go to study music, but rather, literature. Now it seems that she has written a song to be performed by the school’s glee club. The news was announced through their twitter feed, and here are the relevant posts:



(translation) Regular Concert Information 6: The second part of our first performance is a new song by Yoko Kanno. She is composer who has done a lot of CM, anime, drama, movie compositions.



(translation) Regular Concert Information 7: The second part of our first performance is a chorus by composer Yoko Kanno!!



(translation) By the way, Kanno came before the training camp yesterday. We received direct instructions from her, and our members’ spirits soared!!



(translation) News about the Waseda Glee Club and Kanno collaboration will soon be released, please look forward to it!

The concert will be held on December 1, 2012. The song is called “Song of Departure“, composition and lyrics by Kanno.

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