Aquarion ED 2: Yunoha no Mori


Episode 15 of Aquarion EVOL has a new ending song. The title is “Yunoha no Mori (trans: Yunoha’s Forest)”, lyrics by Gabriela and Akino Arai, sang by Yui Ogura.

Thanks to MidnightReverie, Yyrkoon for the news!

10 Responses to “Aquarion ED 2: Yunoha no Mori”

  1. mai Says:

    I wish Gabriela sang this one!

  2. Yyrkoon Says:

    Me too, I also imagined Maaya’s voice over that ^^
    BTW, what do you think of the last BGM in this episode Mai?

  3. Pippa Says:

    I like seeing Yoko Kanno and Akino Arai working together :)

  4. mai Says:

    @Yy – well I must hear the clear version first, but I think it’s up to the “Aquarion” standard. That means I like it by default :D

  5. Yyrkoon Says:

    I think it’s above the standards actually. Anyway, I’ll just hope this will get released one day and we’ll speak about it then ;)

  6. Cadentia Says:

    Me too. Gabriela would have been perfect for this song.

    Speaking of Aquarion’s OST. It just keeps getting beter each episode. I hope the release has many BGM tracks (I need that version of Celiane that played when Kagura and Mikono were talking, and the last one of the episode and, oh, also the Aquaria songs, too many to count…)

  7. Fuu Says:

    I know AKINO is the like..”insporational” singer in Aquarion, but I agree a Sakamoto Maaya song would be awesome. Everytime I hear “PRIDE” I feel like Maaya should sing it. It reminds me a mix of Kiseki no Umi and Empty Pockets. AKINO is awesome, but like May’n I feel she sings too much/drowns out everything else. Poor Aiki is Gekkou Symphonia gets drowned out in the chourus.

  8. Yyrkoon Says:

    New OP on episode 15!

    Title: パルドキシカルZOO [Translation: Paradoxical ZOO]
    Vocals: AKINO with Bless4
    Lyrics: Yoko Kanno/Iwasato Yūho
    Music and arrangement: Yoko Kanno

    I’m glad my hunch 2 weeks ago was correct :p

  9. Yyrkoon Says:

    I meant episode 16… :)

  10. Love007 Says:

    new opening from Aquarion evol :o “パラドキシカルZOO”

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