Aquarion EVOL Episode 12 – Aquaria Mau Sora

The very first vocal piece we hear in Aquarion EVOL is confirmed to be Kanno’s piece!


News, image contributed by Yyrkoon

4 Responses to “Aquarion EVOL Episode 12 – Aquaria Mau Sora”

  1. Cadentia Says:

    I wonder if this means we’ll get an OST release. Pleeeease :D

  2. Xard Says:

    Truly not surprising in the least: the melody and (as far as I can tell) imaginative language just screamed of “Kanno composition” from the start.

    I need to, uhh, get my hands on the OST just for this piece :)

  3. Yyrkoon Says:

    The lyrics are all in Japanese :)

  4. Xard Says:

    listening to it again I notice you’re right *facepalm*

    since subbers didn’t even attempt a translation I just assumed that…

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