Sakamichi no Apollon OST Release

UPDATE (April 25, 2012): Bump for release date. Samples to all the songs are available in the OST website.
UPDATE (April 13, 2012): Website for the OST has opened.
UPDATE (April 7, 2012): Track list, track credits added.
UPDATE (March 24, 2012): CD jacket, CDJapan link added.
UPDATE (March 1, 2012): More details added.
UPDATE (February 28, 2012): Additional sources confirmed. Check Rakuten, Amazon Japan for the OST listing.


Release Title: Sakamichi no Apollon OST
Release Date: April 25, 2012
Price: Y3,059 (approx. $37.7 USD)
Description: Release of “Sakamichi no Apollon” original soundtrack based on Yuki Kodama jazz manga and anime directed by the great Shinichiro Watanabe. As in “Cowboy Bebop” music was composed by the popular Yoko Kanno!! Features guest vocalists Aoi Teshima (“Tales from Earthsea”, “From Up on Poppy Hill”), Masayoshi Furukawa (from Seatbelts group), Yuuka Nanri and Ritsuko Mukae. Includes illustrated jacket and booklet.
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Track List:

02. Chick’s Diner 2:01
03 Moanin’ 4:42
04. Bag’s Groove 2:29
05. Blowin’ The Blues Away 1:26
06. Satin Doll 1:08
07. YURIKA 2:35
08. Rosario 2:17
09. Curandelo 1:40
10. Transparent 1:37
11. Run 1:33
12. But not for me 4:30
13. My Favorite Things 3:20
14. Equinox 2:40
15. A Piece Of Blue 1:27
16. Lullaby Of Birdland 3:05
17. Jazz For Button 1:19
18. Four 1:38
19. Easy Waltz 2:04
20. float 1:25
21. Milestones 2:43
22. Apollon Blue 2:43
23. Kaoru & Sentaro Duo in BUNKASAI (Medley “My Favorite Things~Someday My Prince Will Come~Moanin’”) 3:38
24. Someday My Prince Will Come 1:42

Disc length 56:10

Produced by Yoko Kanno
Piano: Takashi Matsunaga
Drums: Shun Ishikawa


M-01~02, 07~10, 14~15, 17, 22
Composer: Yoko Kanno
Arranger: Yoko Kanno

M-11, 20
Composer: mabanua
Arranger: mabanua

[Insert Songs]

Composer: Bobby Timmons
Arranger: Takashi Matsunaga

Composer: Milt Jackson
Arranger: Yoko Kanno

Composer: Horace Silver
Arranger: Yoko Kanno

Composer: Duke Ellington, John H. Mercer, Billy Strayhorn
Arranger: Yoko Kanno

Performer: Shinpei Ruike, Masayoshi Furukawa
Composer: George Gershwin
Arranger: Yoko Kanno
Lyricist: Ira Gershwin

Performer: Yuuka Nanri
Composer: Richard Rodgers, Oscar Hammerstein II
Arranger: Yoko Kanno
Lyricist: Richard Rodgers, Oscar Hammerstein II

Performer: Aoi Teshima
Composer: George Shearing, George David Weiss
Arranger: Yoko Kanno
Lyricist: George Shearing, George David Weiss

M-18, 21
Composer: Miles Davis
Arranger: Yoko Kanno

Composer: Takashi Matsunaga
Arranger: Takashi Matsunaga

Composer: Richard Rodgers, Oscar Hammerstein II, Frank Churchill, Bobby Timmons

Composer: Frank Churchill
Arranger: Takashi Matsunaga

Official OST Website:

57 Responses to “Sakamichi no Apollon OST Release”

  1. random Says:

    That seems way too early. Are you sure they aren’t confusing it with the manga soundtrack?

  2. Yyrkoon Says:

    On Twitter (!/apollon_anime), they say that a soundtrack will be released soon, but that is not the anime soudntrack but a compilation of original songs heard by the manga characters.

  3. Xard Says:

    so we already get OST release but no info on possible OP/ED single release dates yet…

    this just deepens my impression of instrumental OP and ED as likely possibilities.

  4. mai Says:

    The JazzJapan magazine apparently says it’s the anime. Maybe talking about different things? Miscommunication?!/YK_utahime_Info/status/173312813232697344

  5. mai Says:

    cdjapan lists the compilation only cd (not anime) as to be released on April 11. No April 25 entry yet…

    The plot thickens… :p

  6. grunty Says:

    That’s actually a reissue of an old CD. 3 years old, I think.

  7. Ezra Says:

    Where the the Aquarion Evol OST date ?

  8. mai Says:

    I’ll just wait for confirmation if there was really a miscommunication. Some say that the April 11 release and the April 25 release are different things.

  9. Dalow Says:

    it’s definitely not the anime OST, almost impossible for it to be

  10. random Says:

    Rakuten is listing it with Yoko Kanno as the composer:

    This might actually be legit. If it is, I’m going to be very surprised.

  11. mai Says:

    Okay, now we have a catalog number: ESCL-3874

    Essentially, here’s what we have:

    Non-anime, re-release:
    Re-release Date: April 11

    (claimed to be) Anime, new release:
    Release Date: April 25

    Different prices too – the non-anime is priced much much cheaper (even during its first release in 2009). The one that’s said to be the anime OST is the standard price for anime OSTs.

  12. mai Says:

    And there.

    Amazon Japan has it too, listing Kanno as the composer.

  13. sc Says:

    2009年「この漫画がすごい オンナ編」1位の「坂道のアポロン」。

    ●劇中登場楽曲「モーニン」「バードランド」「いつか王子様が」「マイフェイバリットシングス」「バット ノット フォー ミー」「フォー」「マイルストーン」

  14. sisterm Says:

    I am also looking forward to the release!
    I´m not sure, did anyone here mention the new cover CD of Rasmus Faber?
    It will contain gravity and platinum, both originally composed by Kanno.

  15. Yyrkoon Says:

    Finally some info… So there will be only covers in this album? I hope there will be original songs composed for the anime though. I can’t wait for a new PV.

    Besides, Teshima Aoi seems to participate, that’s really great, she must be one of the most beautiful voices in the world today! \o/
    The pianist Takashi Matsunaga seems to be quite famous, I’m a bit disappointed Kanno doesn’t play herself though, but if this is about covers that’s okay for me :)
    And Masayoshi Furukawa was the guitarist from the Seatbelts in Cowboy Bebop, it’s weird that he’s listed in the guest vocals… Maybe that’s a typo.
    Finally I don’t know Yuuka Nanri, what famous works has she made so far?

  16. mai Says:

    Yuuka Nanri is one of Yuki Kajiura’s vocalists. Didn’t Furukawa sing in Bebop?

  17. mai Says:

    No, Furukawa sang Perfect World from Escaflowne :D

  18. mai Says:

    Oh, but I remembered right – he also sang ibn Bebop for You Make Me Cool.

  19. Ryan Says:

    Furukawa is a Seatbelts vocalist and guitarist, yeah.

    Kinda sucks that there’s nothing mentioned about Steve Conte or Mai Yamane or any of the other Seatbelt vocalists (at least yet. I’m still hoping!). You’d think they’d be back for a project like this.

  20. Dalow Says:

    @Ryan: I was thinking the same thing!

    I hope we see a bunch of the Seatbelts work with Kanno on this.

  21. Xard Says:

    I never cared much for most of Escaflowne’s songs but I absolutely love You Make Me Cool and always throught it had best male vocals out of Bebop OSTs. The classic crooning and English pronounciation was so convincing I was really surprised to find out singer was.

    Never would’ve thought it was Seatbelt guitarist though!

    Really cool to have confirmation for DELICIOUS VOCAL SONGS through this. I’ve liked Aoi Teshima’s voice since Earthsea (Because was sweet subdued piece too) and Furukawa being listed as singer hopefully means I get crooners on You Make Me Cool’s level (originals and I find idea of Kanno arranging eg. Summertime attractive idea!)

    Yuuki Nanri is pretty interesting. She’s one of Kajiura’s girls and member of FictionJunction and I wonder how they’re going to use her voice because she really isn’t jazz vocalist at all based on Kajiura material. :P

    I guess this is first time a vocalist of one of the two big female composers has been used by other…?

    Steve Conte’s vocals don’t have much to do with the style of music I presume this series is going to have.

    I’d give pretty much anything for more Mai Yamane songs though.

  22. Xard Says:

    *I was really surprised to find out singer was japanese.

  23. Cadentia Says:

    So in the end these are just covers? Aw, well. Still excited to see what Kanno does with them.

  24. mai Says:

    @Cadentia – Well the songs are heard in the manga, so they had to be just covers. I think Kanno will still be there to compose for BGM.

  25. mai Says:

    @Xard – Well they have both worked with Emily Bindiger, that’s the only instance I could think of.

    I also thought that Conte won’t be in this because he’s more a rock guy.

  26. PerdeskiCloyn Says:

    Yuuka Nanri is also voicing the main female character on the anime, so I’m guessing she’ll do mostly insert songs (I only read the first 2 chapters of the manga so I’m not really sure). I really liked her work with Yuki Kajiura and can’t wait to see some Kanno magic around her voice.

  27. dude Says:

    Rather than covers, think of them as jazz standards. Part of jazz tradition is taking what’s come before and leaving your personal mark on it.

  28. Xard Says:

    So, basically this whole OST is nothing but jazz standards. As I suspected from the start Kanno really is taking a backseat role as a composer on this project.

    What a repertoire though!

    Art Blakey – Moanin’

    Weather Report – Birdland

    Miles Davis – Some Day My Prince Will Come

    John Coltrane – My Favourite Things

    George Gershwin – But Not For Me (Fitzgerald ver)

    With all due respect for Aoi Teshima (who I suspect will be singing this) there’s no way she’ll top a rendition by who was probably 20th Century’s most talented vocalist (at least outside classical music)

    Miles Davis – Four

    Miles Davis – Milestones

    “Wow” is all I can say about this…oh, and rest of the album consists of covers/jazz standards too. The remaining bunch (from cdjapan):

    Horace Silver- Blowing the Blues Away

    Dizzy Gillespie – A Night in Tunisia

    Horace Parlan – Us Three

    Cole Porter – Love For Sale (Fitzgerald ver)

    Again I’m suspecting Aoi Teshima

    Cole Porter – (You’d Be So) Easy to Love (Holiday ver)

    Miles Davis – Bag’s Groove

    John Coltrane – Blue Train

    Richard Rodgers and Lorenz Hart – My Funny Valentine (Fitzgerald ver)

    I’m pretty psyched to say the least!

    As far as Kanno’s original compositions go “outtakes” compilation will be safest bet though I suspect even there focus is on improvisational material

  29. Xard Says:

    ps. “Yuuka Nanri” still feels out of place with such material as far as the songs by her I know go. Aoi Teshima I can see but….ehh, we’ll see

  30. Xard Says:

    Wait a moment, now the cdjapan link leads to the OST proper with no track list released so far. All those covers are from the “manga OST”


  31. mai Says:

    That’s a different release, the one for the anime has the Kids on the Slope subtitle.

  32. random Says:

    The tracklist and artist info is out. Here it is on VGMdb:

  33. random Says:

    And if you want a Japanese source:アニメ「坂道のアポロン」オリジナル・サウンドトラック/pd/100000009000899722/

  34. mai Says:

    Wow, thanks for that!

  35. Yyrkoon Says:

    Great, there ARE original musics, and I like those particular titles:
    14. Equinox 2:40
    15. A Piece Of Blue 1:27
    22. Apollon Blue 2:43

    I’m really waiting for the first ep to air next week!

  36. Yyrkoon Says:

    Also, on a side note, I wonder if there won’t be a new OP for Aquarion tomorrow since the last episode was the number 14 (out of 26) and it didn’t have any opening.

  37. Xard Says:

    “That’s a different release, the one for the anime has the Kids on the Slope subtitle.”

    Well yeah, but the original list of upcoming covers you had here where from that “manga ost” by accident I guess…

    Looks like I got My Favourite Things and Lullaby for Birdland (to be fair cdjapan only had “Birdland” in there) wrong: more vocal songs over instrumental compositions makes sense I guess.

    I hope Nanri’s english pronounciation is good for MFT…lol.

    Well, as I suspected there isn’t all that much Kanno original material here (probably no insert songs at all barring OP and ED) but I’m more than eager to hear how she’s arranged these classics :)

    Aoi Teshima for Lullaby for Birdland makes sense.

  38. Fuducky Says:

    M-18, 21
    Composer: Miles Davis
    Arranger: Yoko Kanno

    Very cool. Never thought I’d see that in a track listing.

  39. PerdeskiCloyn Says:

    Still unrelated, but I don’t think Go Tight! (the original Aquarion’s second opening) premiered right at the middle point of the series, so it’s anyone’s guess if they’re gonna change it or not in the upcoming episodes of Aquarion Evol.

    But I agree that a new opening is unlikely mostly because we haven’t heard any news about a new single.

    Now, back on topic…

    I can’t wait to listen to her new compositions. For the covers, it’ll probably be more fun to listen how they’re used in the story.

    A little worried about how Yuuka Nanri will handle English lyrics… but I guess her accent won’t really matter on the show since her character is japanese (duh).

  40. mai Says:

    The original list of songs that I posted were from various Japanese cd publishers. That it coincides with the manga ones is because the anime holds true to the manga, I guess.

  41. Dalow Says:

    2 weeks left, guys! ;D

  42. anonarg Says:

    1st episode is already out!

  43. mai Says:

    Yep, just watched it, maybe I’ll post my comments later.

  44. jason Says:

    Ep 1 was excellent, I’ve watched it three times already! I had high expectations going into the show, and ep 1 surpassed them. That anime is just that good. :D

  45. Dalow Says:

    I’m a little disappointment in the lack of original content from Kanno on this OST… I was hoping for much more

  46. anonarg Says:

    episode 2 music is awesome, piano ending is lovely

  47. mai Says:

    Aaaw, the cd didn’t chart in the Oricon top 30, but I sort of expected that. I think the Aquarion album should do better. What with a more popular animation, singer and more new songs.

  48. Cadentia Says:

    IMO, they should have waited a bit more before releasing the OST. I feel this was too fast. I hope the OP single makes it, though.

    I’ve listened to the cd a few times already. So far the opinion is very positive. Aoi Teshima’s track is one of my favourite ones.

  49. Yyrkoon Says:

    Is that Gabriela Robin singing on the Rosario track??? If that’s her, that was long since her last record!!!

  50. Yyrkoon Says:

    I love the piano and the arrangement in My Favorite Things, that’s Yoko Kanno’s touch for sure! I hope a “better” singer (who speaks a good English and has a great voice) would have sung that instead of Yuuka Nanri.

  51. Yyrkoon Says:

    As expected, Lullaby of Birdland is superb!
    Totally different from the Ella Fitzgerald version which I love a lot also.

    Hopefully Aoi Teshima will keep on working with Yoko Kanno in the future!

  52. Yyrkoon Says:

    Mai, here’s the piece you liked: Easy Waltz! ;)

  53. Yyrkoon Says:

    Apollon Blue is a beautiful ending music!
    (A Piece of Blue is a short acoustic guitar version of it)

  54. Yyrkoon Says:

    @Mai: I just realized “Easy Waltz” is not by Yoko Kanno though…

  55. mai Says:

    Yeah, I commented about it in the other post. Still a great piece though. I liked Moanin’ among the standards best, Rosario for Kanno’s originals.

  56. Valkyria Says:

    Someday My Prince Will come was fantastic. Used so well in the episode.

  57. mai Says:

    I just saw the third episode. Had me laughing and crying! Can’t wait until next week!

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