New Aquarion OP: Kimi no Shinwa

The new Aquarion PV that was premiered today contained many pieces of news regarding Kanno’s involvement in production. The music composition to the anime series is credited to Yoko Kanno, and Akiko Otsuka. The OP, which also plays as background to the PV, is entitled Kimi no Shinwa [trans: Your Legend]. The song is sang by AKINO with Bless 4, with lyrics by Gabriela Robin.

Funny tidbit – the character that Megumi Nakajima voices in this anime is named “Sazanka”. Rhymes with…? :)

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  1. fugue Says:

    …Ranka! :D

  2. darius Says:

    Immediately when I heard the background it sounded like Yoko Kanno. And very glad to know she’s teamed with Akino again but still wondering if she’ll be composing the soundtrack to this?

  3. Cadentia Says:

    I like what I hear!

  4. sc Says:

    主題歌は、前作と同じく菅野よう子が手掛けており、オープニングテーマ「君の神話~アクエリオン第二章」はAKINO with bless4、エンディングテーマ(ending)「月光シンフォニア」はAKINO&AIKI from bless4が担当。

  5. mai Says:

    Thank you!

    sc says that the ending theme is ‘Gekko Symphony’ (Moonlight Symphony), sang by Akino and her younger brother Aiki.

  6. sc Says:

    Here’s the full opening(live)

  7. Whatsht Says:

    Not to mention that Sazanka looks like a tanned Ranka with black hair(longer)

  8. mai Says:

    Thanks, that sounds really good ü

  9. Yyrkoon Says:

    Thanks a lot sc!

  10. Xard Says:

    I dig it *a lot*, way more than I expected. We have the best OP of winter season in our hands here with overwhelming probability (though I have pretty high expectations for Megumi’s Lagrarian OP too which was composed and produced by Rasmus Faber and should be interesting while Nisemonogatari might surprise….still, Kanno’s power pop OPs are still in their own class generally :D )

    It’s already way better than any Aquarion song excluding the legendary Sousei no Aquarion in my eyes (while Akino shows great growth as singer and this has manic, overblown energy through bazillion overdubs etc. and more memorable verses the chorus hasn’t yet quite displaced the insanely catchy A I SHI TE RUUUUUU as best melody Kanno wrote for anything Aquarion related). The second OP in particular was very boring song if you ask me…

    aaahhh I guess I should check out that live recording now~

    One nitpick:

    “The music composition is credited in the video to Yoko Kanno, and Akiko Otsuka.”

    This was a bit confusingly worded in a post about the new OP. I got the impression from reading this that the song was written by Kanno and Otsuka but when I watched the PV I noticed it was about the soundtrack in general (as pretty expectable Kawamori didn’t want to burden Kanno with whole series composing right after the absolutely ginormous MacrossF project). As for the song it’s credited fully to Kanno (well, lyrics are by “Gabriela Robin”)…

    re:Sazanka (LOL that name :D )

    I’m very happy to see Megumi in another Kawamori anime! :)

    Even better she’s in series with music by Kanno! I’m hoping she gets a insert/character song or two. They started to achieve such great synergy over the time (a bit later than with May’n with whom Kanno peaked on UniBunny CD IMO) and I’d very much want more masterpieces in vein of Songbird and Sayotsuba material (esp. Hoshikira, my favourite single Kanno song since GitS:SAC days) by the pair. Not to mention it would be interesting to hear what happens if Kanno writes song for Megumi instead of Ranka (actually, that’s exactly what happened with Hoshikira and if that’s any indication… oh boy). I’d love to hear how song in Tooku Kimi E’s style ( written by Kanno would be… <3

    Given that she has sang in every single seiyuu role this year chances for more Kanno written Megu tracks are quite high which makes me even happier about Aquarion EVOL ^__^

    The series itself looks pretty promising too! I doubt it'll be as great as MacrossF was but I won't be surprised if it tops the first Aquarion series which I think was rather so-so

  11. Yyrkoon Says:


  12. mai Says:

    Thanks! Funny though how the rest of the band was doing back up dancing only for most of the time…

  13. Xard Says:

    is there something wrong with the mic there?

  14. mai Says:

    Well it’s live, I expect better on record.

  15. Xard Says:

    Watched the first episode.

    Pretty good and looks gorgeous.

    Music is great!

  16. jun Says:

    well mai, rest of the band is also Akino’s eldest brother and her older sister. They are all brother and sister and they really rock!

  17. mai Says:

    Yes, I know they’re a band of siblings, ever since the first Aquarion OP came out years ago.

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