Rain and The Real Folk Blues “8-bit” Version by 9NiGHTS

If you are fond of 8-bit sounds, then you should listen to 9NiGHTS covers of Rain and The Real Folk Blues! They are really remarkable:

Contributed by Yyrkoon

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  1. Pablo Says:

    I’m finding hard to believe this “9NiGHTS” is really responsible for these covers. It sounds like he/she just found some MIDI file in the Internet and played through GXSCC, a software synthesizer+player that uses sounds similar to the ones generated by the MSX Home Computer using a Konami additional sound chip. A proof of this is the messed up drums in The Real Folk Blues, which is something a real composer wouldn’t lazily leave that way. Although GXSCC sounds interesting, it doesn’t really simulate any real 8-bit computer, since it doesn’t take the real hardware limitations in consideration (like very limited polyphony, monoaural sound and waveform aliasing).

  2. Yyrkoon Says:

    I gave him the url of this article, so he may answer to your question :)

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