Macross F Appreciation Festival Report

c/o Tochiro, as usual :) This event was supposed to be the celebratory event for the final release of Macross F. Kanno herself was not there, but I suppose it would be surprising if they didn’t mention her at all. I will quote the part which I think is most relevant to this community.

Please note that I unspoilered this post, so it might be a spoiler, though I think it’s not much of one.

Where music was concerned, Kawamori said that he really liked ‘Hoshi Kira’ – the closing song (the first of two credit roll songs) from the final scene of Wings of Farewell. Actually, he had originally planned to end the movie with ‘Anata no Oto’ (which would be a good fit as well as far as lyrics are concerned, even though it’s quite different from Hoshi Kira in terms of tempo).

Then, at one of the ‘Merry Christmas Without You’ Christmas concerts, Yoko Kanno had approached him saying that she had come up with a new song – she had a rough cut, non-vocal version with her for him to listen to on the spot and he was completely taken with the song from the first time he heard it.

Read the full entry at Macross World. Image from Megumi Nakajima’s blog.

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  1. Xard Says:

    Kawamori has excellent taste. *nodnod* I can see why that song gets singled out so much in japanese discussion (and here too, I guess) I’ve seen on pixiv, blogs, reviews etc. Hoshikira is easily my favourite song from MacrossF too and it still gets me every time I listen to it, nearly two months later ;______;

    I still haven’t got much forward with the Sayonara official book translations (my friend has been travelling and busy so I haven’t bothered him about it yet much….and my own grasp of kanji really, really sucks) but he did have time to translate the parts where May’n, Nakajima and Kanno chose their favourite songs!

    Might as well post them here as Kanno chose Hoshikira for Ranka too :)

    All translations by Patrick Yip. The wording for Nakajima’s part is a a bit clunky so it should probably be a revised a bit before posting but…

    Nakajima’s choice: Aimo

    “I pick “Aimo” as it means to Ranka as the song of her starting point as well as her root.
    Kanno-san gave me the opening phrase and asked me to imagine myself and sing, so I sang with the image of a lullaby.
    At the scene in the last movie, the facial expression of Ranka singing this song was marvellous.”

    I asked about “imagine myself” part because it confused me:
    “I did not miss any part but perhaps I should translate it better. What it means is that Kanno only gave the opening phrase to Megumi, asked her to do imagination herself and sing the song afterwards. Megumi did not say what she imagined but the fact is that after her imagination exercise, she decided to sing it with an image of a lullaby. ”

    May’n's choice: Diamond Crevasse

    “This is a song with many versions and the feelings put into the singing also vary from one to another.
    I think for Sheryl now it would be a song impressed with strong feeling of “Thank you”.
    The version of the song recorded in this album would be the one filled with such feeling.”

    Kanno’s choices

    “This is a difficult question (wry smile).”

    Sheryl: Universal Bunny

    “UniBunny is a song that has two songstresses with different personalities showing up, so it is supposed to be a difficult song to perform live by one person.
    And she did not need to rely on costumes or lighting. Just by turning round and showing her front or back she became a different person.
    It goes to show the impressive depth of May’n-chan who could not only sing but could dance well.”

    Ranka: Hoshikira

    “Hoshikira is a song that organically linked up Megumi-chan and Ranka.
    Her face when she sang the song as well as how good the recording take was all left me with strong impression.”

    Source scans in case you want to check:

  2. Xard Says:

    I think the bit about Inoue doing Seikan Hikou dance would’ve been quote worthy too, hahaha :D

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