Feature: Kanno Mania Blog

If you’re looking for a Japanese blog with a similar format to this one you’re viewing right now, head on down to Kanno Mania. I just stumbled on it while searching previously for live info on Kanno, and I’m pleasantly surprised because it doesn’t only have straight-forward information, the blogger is also sometimes “talking” to the audience.

I suppose we’re all waiting for Cyber Bicci :)

6 Responses to “Feature: Kanno Mania Blog”

  1. mai Says:

    …some people who have the album (they live in Japan) say that the new songs are “okay”. Uh oh…

  2. Pippa Says:

    Aw, he’s even got a link to your side on his left hand bar as well :) friends!

  3. mai Says:

    Nice one, I didn’t notice that! :)

  4. Xard Says:

    Cool! :)

    I really need to order the album soon…

  5. Piyo Says:

    Thank you for introducing my blog!

  6. mai Says:

    Wow you commented ü no problem ü

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