Featurette: Mujoken Spectre

Blackmago contacted me a while ago about this song and he just reminded me how beautiful it is, so I thought I’d share. The song Mujoken Spectre comes from Kanno’s OST for the NHK radio drama adaptation of Sidney Sheldon’s “The Other Side of Midnight”. This song’s vocals is not directly credited to Gabriela Robin, but the album jacket sweepingly credits all vocals to Maaya, Masahari Sato, Hisaaki Hogari and Robin, so I think this is really her singing. I also thought I need to feature more Gabriela Robin stuff in this site :P

Enjoy :)

Here’s the Wikipedia entry for 23-Ji no Ongaku if you’re interested in reading more.

3 Responses to “Featurette: Mujoken Spectre”

  1. Yyrkoon Says:

    One of my favorite piece of music from this (excellent) album!

  2. agent0006 Says:

    This was also one of my very favorites from everything YK has created!

  3. Xard Says:

    23-Ji no Ongaku is definetly one of my favourite works by Kanno. Here and Fado are my favourite cuts but Mujoken Spectre is undeniably great too

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