AniFest 2011 Guest Appearance

…Vlado it’s too good to be true, you best not be kidding me!

It seems that Kanno will have another unexpected performance this time in AniFest 2011 in Teplice, Czech Republic next Thursday, April 28. He already has a ticket to the performance.

Here is the link to the website of AniFest 2011 with the page of Kanno. And here’s their facebook post in English. Other websites such as has also posted about the appearance.

And if Vlado is to be believed (sorry, it’s so surprising that *I can’t believe it*, you understand what I mean!), Ilaria is coming along, and the ticket is just $3! That’s like cheap! I suppose getting to the Czech Republic would be expensive, but for those who live there, that’s cheap!!!

But if it’s true, really Ms. Kanno, what is with the low key thing? It’s hard enough being a fan, then having to stumble on news from third party sources?! WHY?!

Seriously waiting for news. Anyone else around the area, please try to get there, get pictures if you can, and tell us about it!

*goes crazy*

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  1. Vlado Says:

    I know, it sounds just crazy and unbelievable. I couldn’t believe it either when I first heard about it only a couple of days ago. But then I noticed that tickets are selling, so I bought some for my and my friends. I called the AniFest organizers and they confirmed it – the real “flesh and blood” Yoko will indeed be there and told me all the details – including the bit about Illaria, which hadn’t been mentioned anywhere before. As crazy as it sounds, it really seems to be true. It’m traveling there next week, and I’ll definitely take photos and try to record the concert! :) I’ll share everything I can – if I survive the impact of seeing Yoko in the flest. Aaaaaaaaaaah!!! :) :):) This is a dream come true!

  2. mai Says:

    *aaaaaaaah!!!!* indeed!!!!! AAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!! XD Videos please! Or a snuck-in recording!!!

  3. mai Says:

    Okay, that’s enough mental screaming for today, I shall take my day’s rest. I feel excited and exhausted altogether XD

  4. PacificPikachu Says:

    Oh wow! Lucky fans over there! I hope there will be video or at least audio available as well. And lucky everyone for getting to see Ilaria as well. I didn’t even get to see her, and I went to Tanasonic!

    As much as the surprise pop-ups can be aggravating for someone wanting to plan to see her, it’s nice that at least she’s popping up all over the globe so international fans can enjoy her in person!

    Can’t wait to hear how it is! And I only wish I could afford a plane ticket, but alas! Hardly any money at the moment.

  5. mai Says:

    Her name is now in the Anifest website under Program>Koncerty.

  6. mai Says:

    I wonder if the new songs for Ilaria will be performed. If that’s the case, then there MUST be a recording of that!!!

  7. Goliath Says:

    I actually live 4 hours away from there O.O!! Are there still tickets? Thursday is also my day off, I could go :O

  8. Yyrkoon Says:

    I wish I could take some days off to go there but I can’t :’(

    Vlado, I (we) am counting on you, please bring us back “something” :)
    And have fun, this encounter will be magical :)

  9. mai Says:

    @Goliath – I think you should try contacting them… the website is hard to navigate for me so I can’t help much… But somewhere in the links I posted must be a link to the tickets…

  10. LaughingMan Says:

    Goliath: You must have ticket for the concert which you can preorder here (but it seems preorder isn’t available anymore) or you must have accreditation for the festival which you can buy at festival after 23.4.2011. (Yes I’m coming there too ^^.)

  11. Vlado Says:

    This is the site that sells the tickets:
    I checked it out for you and it seems they are sold out now…:-/

  12. mai Says:

    Oh shucks… Goliath are you still going? On the other hand, there are two visitors here who will go! Recording please ü

  13. Vlado Says:

    As I said, I’m taking my camera and a portable audio recorder, so unless something unbelievably terrible happens, I will be bringing full coverage from the event..:)
    Here is a new article on the festival in English, it also mentions Yoko Kanno:

  14. Goliath Says:

    No, I guess I can’t :/ No money also XD

  15. Yyrkoon Says:

    @Vlado: thanks soooooo much! Enjoy ;)

  16. Xard Says:

    Would love to go but that isn’t feasible option…and for some more salt to the wounds, May’n and Nakajima are going to AX 2011 again!

    The kicker however is “A mystery guest will also join them on stage for a surprise performance.”

    We all know who ended up being the surprise guest last year, don’t we? ;)

  17. mai Says:

    Oh, but that link is the archive for last year isn’t it?

  18. Xard Says:

    huh… I picked the link up from Macross world… OH DAMN, I only read the OP post and got so excited I didn’t realize OP had made a mistake…. sorry ^^;

    clearly, getting two Kanno concert appereances in summer was too good to be true…

  19. Vlado Says:

    It was MA-GI-CAL!! I have photos, i have audio, autographs, best memories forever!!! Unbelievable!! More tomorrow and later (hopefully). Stay tuned!

  20. Yyrkoon Says:

    So, the concert should be over now… How was it??? :D

  21. mai Says:

    I’m off to work though, so just keep posting, I’ll update when my day ends. :)

  22. crispain Says:


    @Vlado Great! I could remaster the audio if needed… let me know please..

  23. Xard Says:

    don’t keep us hanging, Vlado!!!!

  24. Yyrkoon Says:

    You did get an autograph from Kanno and or Ilaria??? Lucky man!!!

  25. sister-m Says:

    Here we go!
    I just came back from Teplice!!!
    please check out my report of the live!
    It was such a memorable event…took my breath away….

  26. Vlado Says:

    If anyone watches this discussion as well, I’m posting my comment here:

    Ok everyone, here is a recording of the entire event. I recorded it in 48KHz and 24bit. I think the audience noise may be a little high between songs, simply because we were really insance and people around me (including me) shouted like crazy. I repeat, if anyone wants to clean the recording (I left it untouched), share it further, re-post it or do anything with it – feel free to do so (a little credit won’t hurt, though..:)). I put it up in FLAC, in full lossless quality for those interested and also in standard mp3 for your iPods and music collections. Enjoy, share your comments and spread the word. Some photos later.


  27. mai Says:

    Wow thanks! Downloading like mad. :D

  28. Xard Says:

    Downloading at speed of light, so to speak…

    any videos?

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