Macross F Movies Karaoke…. Start!

UPDATE (April 10, 2011): Bump for the first set of entries! Also as a side note, the album is going strong in the Oricon charts, and has never left the top 10 weekly albums chart since it was released. Back on track, sing for us!!! :)

As with the previous karaoke challenges launched in this site, there are no real requirements except that there’s a recording of your voice, and that you’re singing a song from the select animation, in this set, songs from the Macross F movies OST + Cosmic Cuune. You don’t even have to have good equipment or even a good voice :D To keep the non-competitive environment, we’re not giving away prizes or anything like that, so go crazy.

I won’t be able to manage this one just as well I did the previous ones, so I’ll be asking those who want to send entries to upload their entries in, or in, or your desired hosting site which can stream the song. Then post it in the comments, and if I clear it, I shall add it to this post.

And as your usual sacrificial lamb, I shall go first. *cringe*

Name Song Title
Yyrkoon Kindan no Elixir
Goliath Get it on~Flying Rock
Phoebe Songbird
mai Songbird

Send your contributions as soon as you can :D

30 Responses to “Macross F Movies Karaoke…. Start!”

  1. Yyrkoon Says:

    Sure Mai, I don’t mind uploading myself the music onto :)

  2. mai Says:

    That’s great! I say two more and we have a party ü

  3. Goliath Says:

    Hey :D I’m in^^
    But does it have to be box net? I usually use divshare to upload my stuff^^

  4. mai Says:

    Oh, I just recommended because I’m familiar with it. I suppose any file sharing site that can generate links to the songs will do ü

    One more…

  5. Phoebe Says:

    I wanna try this! :D

  6. mai Says:

    And there you have it. Start!

  7. Goliath Says:

    Do you still have my Get it on Version? Cause I wanna contribute this^^

  8. Goliath Says:

    Sorry for posting again XD Any suggestions for another Song, are there any more Karaokes than for Get it on and Houkago overflow?

  9. mai Says:

    I’ll get the get it on ü For the karaoke tracks there’s pink monsoon and tenshi ni nacchatta. I’d love to hear your take on the second one ü

  10. Triforce3force Says:

    Ooh, tempting.

    Been listening to stuff from Sayonara no Tsubasa lately, and finally watched the first movie a week ago.

    Will need to find a good place to record. Oh, college, with your thin walls.

  11. Phoebe Says:

    My first song! ^o^ Songbird~

  12. fugue Says:

    wow, an acapella of songbird.
    go, mai! :D

  13. Yyrkoon Says:

    I’m gonna try Kindan no Elixir, I already started recording a piano arrangement for it!

  14. mai Says:

    @Phoebe – Your voice is impossibly cute!!! :D

    @fugue – XD Sing for us!!! :D

  15. mai Says:

    Oh, the songs in this set are awfully difficult to sing, owing to the majority of them being designated to May’n XD

    I’ll try Hoshi Kira.

  16. mai Says:

    @Yy – Whoa, that’s an interesting choice, I’m looking forward to it :D

  17. fugue Says:

    @mai – i would love to, but these newer songs seem to be really tough ><"

  18. Phoebe Says:

    @Mai – Thank you~ ^^ I also love your version of Songbird as well.

  19. Naddie Says:

    Oh man look at what I’m missing out on xD I haven’t sung in such a long while T_T I’ll try to get something in just because I’m itching to sing something. I’ll listen to the entries once I get home since it’s being blocked here.

  20. Yyrkoon Says:

    Here is Kindan no Elixir, not easy at all so I stopped after the first refrain :p

  21. Ciozite Says:

    @Yyrkoon Yay! excelent cover , now is in mi cel xD , am going to do a cover too but i don’t have microphone T.T

  22. Reika Says:

    Oh, wow, this sounds really interesting! Am I too late for this? (Just found a karaoke version of Kindan no Elixir in nico nico, so I wanted to try it out haha)

  23. mai Says:

    No you’re not late! Just post here ü

  24. riepert Says:

    Hey mai, was wondering if the ones from the Unibunny mini album count? Was thinking of posting mine too…

  25. mai Says:

    Yes that’s included ü

  26. riepert Says:

    @mai: Yay! I’mma go finish mixing it and I’ll send it to you. Btw, I would just like to post Goliath’s now finished English cover of Diamond Crevasse. Been waiting for this!

  27. Cielo Says:

    Kyaa! XD

    I will post mine soon!

  28. Starfruit Says:

    Murgh, jsut found this by chance hahaha…i have a recording i did when i was bored during winter break…its too late at night to record anything without parents finding out…so heres a half assed less epic uncomplete version…man that sounds terrible…i don’t have the original file so i have no idea how to edit it better :c
    ..i don’t know how to use so i rapidshared it instead..><

  29. kazushi seijiro Says:

    I just wanted to share my recording of Silent De Nanka Irarenai!!

    I sung 2 voices as Sheryl and Ranka at the same time. Total time of my recording is 9 mins straight. I also sung the 2nd voices too! Hope you enjoy it!! :D

  30. kazushi seijiro Says:

    Here is the link Silent de nanka Irarenai [FANDUB]

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