Aquarion Unreleased Music

More lost songs?!

Unfortunately, two accounts of viewers of the Aquarion OVA mentioned that there is not much new music created apart from the ending theme. The chances of obtaining a new album is pretty slim, except possibly for a CD single with the song Suashi in it.

The album was ripped by StandAlone and posted in YKDB. Most of the songs are instrumental variations of previously released songs, but some are not. Take this one for example:

Aquarion Lost Song:

I could remember that song from watching the animation, and I thought that if it is in the opening episode, it should be in the the OST. I guess not. I have a solemn wish that every vocal track Yoko Kanno writes be published officially, but they just don’t make the cut. (Wolf’s Rain anyone?) It is perhaps her disregard for songs that Gabriela sings, for whatever reason there is. Some of them sound like scraps, but scraps that with little polishing, could produce a gem.

Download the album here: Aquarion Unreleased

If any of those unofficial client rips of the Ragnarok 2 OST would end up unreleased… We could only wonder.

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5 Responses to “Aquarion Unreleased Music”

  1. Slinky Says:

    you and me both….if there’s any unreleased music that needs to get an ost it’s wolf’s rain

  2. mai Says:

    Yes, Wolf’s Rain had a ton of songs I want released!!! Cheza’s song was not even released. How odd is that?!

  3. Jessi Says:

    The link no longer exists! I know I’m ridiculously late but I’d love this album :(

  4. cleodux Says:

    I was searching Evehe me pure Deo like mad. So it was really never released >.<//

    Please upload it again. Thanks.

  5. mai Says:

    ^I think your autocorrect just went nuts! New phone? :D

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