Goliath’s Fan Cover of Get it On~Flying Rock

The song, with well-pronounced English and a full voice. Goliath, you made me like this song! I feel like I can now properly rock to it :D

When you play this, make sure you listen to HQ by changing the 240p on the player to 480p.


9 Responses to “Goliath’s Fan Cover of Get it On~Flying Rock”

  1. mai Says:

    Hey Goliath, is the recording up for download? I’m not kidding, this is going on my playlist!

  2. Goliath Says:

    Here is the mp3 for you :3 Gald you like it!!! *_*

  3. Cadentia Says:

    I agree. I actually like this more than the original one, which I’m not very fond of.

  4. Naddie Says:

    You did a great job, Goliath! :) And yes I like it more than the original xD Full pronunciation and full vocal, what’s not to love.

    On another note, gah, Malaysia can’t access divshare :( *shakes fist* *makes pitiful eyes*

  5. mai Says:

    Does mediafire or rapidshare work?

  6. Naddie Says:

    @mai: Yeah, MF would work :)

  7. mai Says:


    There you go :)

  8. Naddie Says:

    Thank you Mai, got it :)

  9. fugue Says:

    wow, nice work Goliath!

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