Aqua Lyrics Update

Luke / Ed in the Desert from YKDB showed us a couple of CD jacket scans and I noticed that there is a discrepancy from the lyrics in the CD jacket and those published in this site, so the lyrics have been changed. View the new set of lyrics in the Aqua lyrics page.

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Thanks Ed, you rock!

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3 Responses to “Aqua Lyrics Update”

  1. Jorge Says:

    No. The situation here is that the lyrics that are sung in the actual theme are this

    I think I heard somewhere that it was some kind of celtic or antique irish languaje… Some others say it’s a made-up dialect by Yoko…

    The lyrics in the CD booklet (or jacket) are the TRANSLATION of that presumably celtic dialect to english and japanese (romanji) so anglo people can know what it means and know how it’d sounds if it would be sung in japanese (romanji). Lyrics in japanese for japan speaker people should be written in japanese characters, which is not the case here.

    In few words, these are the translations of the lyrics to english and romanji japanese but the actual original lyrics is that I linked-to above.

  2. mai Says:

    But those “lyrics” are just fan transcriptions submitted by Grey Archangel to this same website, scroll down in this page: . The booklet lyrics are called “lyrics” only for the lack of a better term. As I noted in the website:

    **the lyrics here are the the ones seen in the CD jacket, but they are not the ones sang in the song. The real lyrics are not published.

  3. Jorge Says:

    Thank you for the explanation mai

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