The Idol Talk Audio Sample

So, I was going around the net today and someone pointed out that the audio sample of a woman talking in English at the background of Idol Talk was obscene. He proceeded to type out what he heard, and of course I thought he was joking. Then I remembered, one of you guys have hinted this to me before, but I never got it (because I am clueless as a brick). If you’re reading right now, please remind me what exactly we were talking about that brought it up – was it Shanti Snyder?

I suppose Idol Talk is really supposed to be “Idle Talk”, which creates the image of a person who has nothing to do and talks dirty with someone over the phone.

Listen to two minutes into the song. Please don’t highlight this text if you think you might find it obscene. This is what is being said:

Let me hold it, stroke it gently up and down
Can you feel my juices around your rock hard cock
Take a closer look, mmmm very nice


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  1. Kirby Says:

    Lol, it’s true xD
    Subliminal message?

    And even more interesting… did yoko knew? She must, since she appears as the composer and arranger…

  2. Xard Says:

    hahaha, nice catch!

    I never bothered trying to seriously listen to that audio sample…

    Must say it, uhh, fits nicely to the song :D

  3. josh Says:

    If it were Shanti, she’d be around 12 or 13 at the time of this recording, so I’m highly doubting it. (Though I do admit I can hear the vocal similarity.)

    I’d always assumed the dialogue was sampled from a porn or something, but I wouldn’t put it past Yoko to have someone write something original.

  4. raile Says:

    *is scarred*

    On another note, I am amused. XD

  5. mai Says:

    @josh – were you the one who told me about the sample? Because the first thing I remembered was that I was talking to someone about Shanti when the topic about the sample came up. I think I was either talking to you or to PC.

  6. bakabaka Says:

    LOOOL … but anyway, don’t think that much of the song …

  7. SMS/Ravens - Macross & Robotech Fans :: Minami Project Says:

    [...] my juices around your rock hard cock (???) Take a closer look, mmmm very nice <__<;; Fuente: Aquí si alguien quiere escuchar la canción y no la tiene a mano [...]

  8. Shirow666 Says:

    The missing third line sounds like
    “Picture me in front of you.”
    You can hear it better at the end of the song.

  9. link Says:

    i confirm the third line
    im sure kano ment it on purpose
    she´s the kind of person who´s always ahead of the pack
    great blog btw

  10. LarryF Says:

    The title Idol Talk has nothing to do with “idle”. In Japan, an idol is a person who is a prepackaged celebrity, usually a singer. They are selected by audition and given preselected songs to sing. They are advertised by a well-oiled publicity machine, and essentially belong to the company that scouts them.

    Idols generally have a very short shelf-life, and are discarded for the next new thing after a certain amount of use. The closest equivalent over here would be boy bands like Menudo, whose members are swapped out as soon as they start needing to shave.

    The song itself is sung in French, and in the chorus you can hear the words “petite personage”, which means “minor celebrity” in English.

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