Wolf’s Rain Unreleased Music

Two of the most requested unreleased songs from the original Gabriela Robin website are the “Heaven’s Not Enough – Gabriela Robin version” and the one named “Cheza’s Song/Lunar Flower Lullaby”, both from the anime Wolf’s Rain. The scene where Heaven’s Not Enough with the voice allegedly owned by Gabriela was enchanting. I actually replayed that part again and again. Same goes with “Track 15″ in another episode.

So if you guys haven’t downloaded them before, then they’re here once more. The person who ripped the tracks are not credited in the download, but the person who showed it to me is djsilt from YKDB. If the person who ripped it sees this and would like to be credited, please notify me.

I also added some tracks that I ripped myself:

Download the unreleased album here

These tracks have some dialogue over them, as I heard the Wolf’s Rain DVDs don’t have an isolated background music track.

Here are another set of rips made by Yama: Download here

Thank you, Yama! I will try to consolidate the two download links when I get the time :)

I’d just like to remind everyone that the Aquarion OVA is going to be released May 25th, so mark your calendars. I have been delaying posting the unreleased music from that anime since it is not yet finished.

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50 Responses to “Wolf’s Rain Unreleased Music”

  1. Unreleased Wolf's Rain Tracks - AnimeOST.NET Forums Says:

    [...] for some time, and found the most recent post was about the unreleased WR tracks. Here’s the link: A Gabriela Robin Site » Blog Archive » Wolf’s Rain Unreleased Music Pretty sure this isn’t all the unreleased stuff (the song I really want, the version of Shiro that [...]

  2. Sora Says:

    I was wondering if you could rip (or know anyone) who ripped the song/score when toboe dies, and the wolves start howling. It’s very similar to OST 2, Track 9 that you put up there. But the version I’m looking for has vocals. Can you help? (And thanks for putting this album and the GITS album, they’re beautiful.) Thanks very much.

  3. Yama Says:

    I ripped some of them directly, however, they have the voices in. Tell me if you want them.

  4. mai Says:

    Sora is looking for a track and Yama might have it… isn’t that destiny :D

    Yama, you could share it with the community by uploading the songs to rapidshare? We definitely want them! :)

  5. Sora Says:

    Yama I would greatly appreciate it, if you don’t mind. ^_^

    Mai:Why is that destiny? (I know Sora means sky or something like that….)

  6. "J" Says:

    There is a song that plays once during an episode involving some black mech (ep 4 I believe) that a wolf fights one on one and once again during the episode with a fight against a walrus. I -love- this song and it has been in my head for a long time. It is a more of a fast version of “Shiro, Long Tail’s” from O.S.T. 2. If someone could somehow rip it I would be so grateful, but thanks for putting up these tracks to begin with.

  7. mai Says:

    I was just being silly saying it’s destiny. You know, someone seeks for something, and immediately someone posts what could be the answer to it. :) Don’t mind me, I’m half crazy :P

  8. Yama Says:


    Here they are. Sorry I took so long.

  9. "J" Says:

    Yama, what is your name? One day when I have children I will name one after you >.> thank you so much.

  10. mai Says:

    Thanks Yama, I’ll edit the post to have that link of yours :)

  11. Nurika Says:

    You are amazing Yama, thank you so much for your hard work… these unreleased track albums are so loved. *__* You have an awesome ear for them.

  12. Gonshiro Says:

    Hi, I was wondering if Yama could reupload his set of rips. I’m really desperate to find more Wolf’s Rain music. Thanks guys, this is so far the only site that I can find any of the unreleased music.

  13. mai Says:

    I reuploaded Yama’s rips in the post. Enjoy :)

  14. K.B. Says:

    What happened to the Heaven’s Not Enough (female version)? Why is there no full version?

  15. anaky Says:

    i want the sily female version i have looked for days now all over the place but i cant find it?!?!?!
    _______________- ____
    ______________/__l /_l
    ____/____—- __\____l
    ___/__/______\_\ ___i
    l _____ _______)__\ ___)

  16. fuyu Says:

    When will they learn to release everything T_T Gabriela Robin’s version of Heaven’s Not Enough is soooooo good!

    This has so many tracks I wanted! Something is better than nothing… so it’s okay even with the dialogue. Thank you so much for doing this and Yama too thanks! :)

  17. akari Says:

    hello…i was wondering if anyone here would possibly have the interlude in episode 3 of WR…it’s piano and i can’t find it ANYWHERE!!! it’s during the part when Quent is talking about ‘the book of the moon…’ help would greatly appreciated…X3

  18. M'rin Says:

    I was wondering if anyone could rip the music that plays in some of the episodes?

    ~ The music that plays during Toboe’s flashback of killing his grandmother

    ~ The music that plays during ‘creepy’ scenes. I can only remember it playing when Toboe and Hige notice there’s someone following them in a city while they’re stealing gifts for Cheza, and when Kiba was in the dream world with Mew, and she extends her hand out to him at the end of an episode.

    Sorry I’m not being too specific! ^.^”

  19. wolfwhiskers Says:

    Helloo :D yeahh haha i love Wolfs Rain and i have a few requests: can you please please rip the track when Kiba was fighting that gang of wolves in that city it was like a piano tune..it was so nicee :) and the other one is with Toboe fighting the giant walrus ya know when he snaps! goood stufff! and any additional tracks you can add too! I’d highly apprecitate it and love you for it! Thanks so0oo0o0 much!! <33333333

  20. wolfwhiskers Says:

    please make more rips! <3333333333

  21. wolfwhiskers Says:

    oohohhohh HI! im a HUGEE FAN of Wolf’s Rain <333 can u please put up the song whennn Toboes is fighting the walruss andd the one when Kiba is fighting the gang of wolves in that cityy -.- hahaha lovee itt!! its like a piano tunee…its soo nicee THANKS S0o0o0o0 MUCH! <33333

  22. kaiyasuma Says:

    ep 28 when darcia arrives, what song is that, it’s unreleased but i’m obsessed with downloading it to my i-pod

  23. Whispa Says:

    I Agree with Kaiyasuma ;) I have been looking for this Song for So Long, It is only Played about 3 times in the Whole anime…

    1st.: (Episode 26) When Kiba is about to Destroy the Fake Paradise and Jaguara and Darcia Talk about the Nobles and Her Fake Paradise.

    2nd.: (Episode 28) Toboe Goes After Quint and Darcia arrives to Kill them ;’(

    3.: (Episode 30) Kiba, Darcia and Cheza are the Only remaining characters Alive, they are all in the ‘Entrance to Paradise’ after Jumping down the Dark Pit (Darcia Quote “The Moon Comes Closer to this Place than Any Other, Reflecting it’s Light in the Mirrored Lake that lies Below, Only Here, Can the True Paradise be Opened”)

  24. Kat Says:

    Does anyone know of a recording of the song played in episode 9 when Quent see’s Toboe, then chases after him? The song continues onto when Quent see’s Blue and she’s wounded. Another song I can’t find anywhere, it’s played a lot through the series, in episode 9 again when Cher is at the Darcia family cemetry, it’s like a piano song, as I’ve said it’s played a lot but I remember it the most when Cher is looking around the cemetry. I can’t find it anywhere, it really is a lovely song!!

  25. Kat Says:

    No worries I actually erm didn’t look hard enough through the ones that had already been ripped and were available for download here heh heh xx

  26. Dizz Says:

    Looks like my search for a full version of the Heaven’s Not Enough Female edition has hit a dead end. Quite sad as it sound quite beautiful.

    This is a good post though, thanks for it.

  27. Brittany Says:

    could someone PLEASE send me the heavens not enough female song? the links supposdly hate me ;_;….please of please D:

  28. gavin Says:

    I am attempting to extract the song that whispa is referring to from the dvd…. Anyone else who is looking for it… check back here i am trying to edit it. :)

  29. gavin Says:



    Made this real quickly, best I could do at 4am… feel free to tweak it with your own photos.

    Trying to edit the piano clip now

  30. gavin Says:


    Here is the piano music that you wanted Whispa and others…

    it still has some odd speaking and vocals over it… but it’s the best i can do at the moment… i will keep working on it but its not so bad…

    for an impossible to find song

  31. Wolfy Says:

    What is the song in (same) :
    Ep 20 : indian save kiba
    Ep 26 : jaguara fight Hige

    please find this perfect song :)

  32. Wolf'sRainLover Says:

    idk if it has dialogue! Its awesome!

  33. DarciaTheThird Says:

    Such a shame the song played when Darcia arrives in episode 28 is unreleased :/ really like the song. But does anyone know the name of the piano piece played at the beginning of that episode? when Quint is drivng and talkint to Cheza, kind of reminds me of the x-files song hehe

  34. Hayden Says:

    Does anybody know the name of the song at the end of episode 2 when hige and kiba are escaping from the prison its so epic and ive searched everywhere
    heres what Im talkin about: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DPqOvB0DYVE

  35. natalie Says:

    @ haden the song is called ”face on” by Yoko Kanno :) i know it is an amazing scene !

  36. Kyo Says:

    I was wondering, what is that enchanting music that plays at the end of most of the episodes; when the preview to the next one is being shown? I LOVE that song to death and it pains me that it’s nowhere to be found, and I don’t hear many people mention it as well. But it’s worth it. I’d give my arm and leg for it.

  37. Yyrkoon Says:

    This is an instrumental version of Stray.

  38. silvermoon Says:

    Does anyone know the song that plays in the end of episode 26 when Kiba goes all “Paradise is ours, we’re taking it back!” And then he and Jagura start fighting.
    At 7:50
    PLEASE this song has been driving me absolutely NUTS! :(
    It also comes in episode 20 when the guy is trying to bring Kiba back and then Cheza starts calling him and asking him to remember and all.

  39. Yyrkoon Says:

    Unreleased one :)

  40. Emeric Says:

    Hi, Huge fan of Wolf’s Rain from France !
    I just have to say that there are so many songs that should be release in a OST3 but i guess this is too late …

    I have 38 ripped song if anybody’s interested ;)

  41. Lyric Says:

    I’m interested, but I’m assuming that they’re songs/music pieces that haven’t been released or uploaded, right?

  42. Emeric Says:

    Well at least not on this page. But it’s been on a French website for a moment !

  43. Jennifer Says:

    If someone downloads these, are they allowed to be put on Youtube or a streaming place if you’ve made it clear that you don’t own the rights?

  44. mai Says:

    I’m not sure but I think people already do that…

  45. Hirako Says:

    Does anyone know where I can find the instrumental version of Stray? I’ve looked almost everywhere for it, and have failed to find it. I’d be most appreciative.

  46. Daughter of Water Says:

    I was just wondering if Gabriela Robin had another song that she had done in the series that is still unknown?

    During the middle of episode 4, when Kiba and Hige are looking for Tsume and Toboe, Hige asks Kiba if he smells something (which I’m guessing is the lunar flower smell). Kiba’s eyes go wide and he has a series of flashbacks which I guess trigger some sort of instinctive reaction in him. He steps on a sign that indicates that they all wandered into an old militarized zone. He pauses, gets up, and then walks away with Hige running to catch up with him. Then the scene shifts to where Tsume is slowly coming to in the cave. But for those few short seconds, I heard such a beautiful song and when I replayed it, it seemed to match the same female voice that was done for the song “Cycle” on the 2nd OST.

    So, that’s why I was wondering if A. Anyone happens to know the title to that particular song and B. If someone could give me a clue as to find other songs that Gabriela might have sung. If no one knows the name, that’s cool, but maybe someone could present a clue as to where they found all of this information out. Thanks!

  47. Yyrkoon Says:

    This is indeed an unreleased Gabriela Robin song which is used 6 times in the series. This is a variation of the unreleased end of Rain of Blossoms (you’ll hear this orchestral end at the very end of episode 10).
    The other unreleased musics performed by Gabriela Robin are her version of Heaven’s not Enough and a version of Cycle with a slightly different arrangement.

  48. Yyrkoon Says:

    And of course there is the Cheza song.

  49. Kristiana Says:

    Please help me! I would like the Unofficial Soundtrack that includes the song that plays when Toboe dies…Can you please tell me where to get it? I tried using the links included at earlier dates, but they are all invalid.

  50. gavin Says:


    Here is a version of the nobel’s theme… enjoy!

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