Gundam 30th Anniversary Gundam Songs 145 (tentative title)

UPDATE: CD jacket and contents image added. I wonder if Kanno gets her own write-up in that “Artists” section of the booklet.

The Gundam franchise will have yet another song compilation, this time including insert songs that are not OP’s or ED’s. The tally of the songs are 145 in total, and will be contained in 10 SHM-CD’s. Can you see the price on this thing? :P


Release title: Gundam 30th Anniversary Gundam Songs 145 (tentative)
Catalog No. VTZL-30
Price: 28571yen (30000yen Tax incl.) US$ 317.24
Release Date: 2010/02/24
Description: Thirtieth anniversary CD box set release from anime series “Gundam.” Includes 10 discs featuring the high-fidelity SHM-CD format (compatible with standard CD players). Also includes 260-page booklet.
The compilation will include all theme songs starting from the original Gundam series, to the newest ones, 145 theme songs and insert songs in all. The box illustration will be done by Yasuhiko Yoshikazu.
Purchase through CDJapan.

Track List:
View the full track list here.
Kanno-related, from Turn-A Gundam:

Aura (ED1 / Shinji Tanimura)
Tsuki no Mayu (ED2 / Aki Okui)
Nagirinaki Tabiji (Final ED / Aki Okui)
Moon (Featured Song / Gabriela Robin)
Yoigoshi no Matsuri (Featured Song / Everyone in the White Doll Festival)
Gekka Bijin (Featured Song / Hideki Saijou)
Until (Featured Song / Maryanne Murray)
The song of stone (Featured Song / Souichirou Otsuka)
Tsuki no Tama (Featured Song / Let Group)
After All (Theme Song/Donna Burke)

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9 Responses to “Gundam 30th Anniversary Gundam Songs 145 (tentative title)”

  1. Paliodor Says:

    Wow, that’s quite a big compilation. I would buy it if the price could be ”friendly” for my wallet ^^

  2. Cadentia Says:

    This reminds me of the Turn A Gundam soundtrack, one of my favorite works of her.

  3. mai Says:

    @Paliodor – I share your sentiment. I hav watched many Gundam series along the years, and there are many nostalgic songs that I’m sure will be included in this release. Too expensive though, it’s out of the question :(

  4. Paliodor Says:

    @mai- yes, you are right. I watched almost all gundam series and I’m a fan of this anime. Many of the series and movies have great songs and it’s great that they will release such a album. Only problem is the price…

  5. Debris Says:

    CD Japan…CD Japan

    28571yen (30000yen Tax incl.)

    US$ 317.24

    shows you know something about boocklets

  6. Debris Says:

    ops ignore,CD cifre, my apologies, I am a person distracted

  7. Gundam Universe Blog » Blog Archive » GUNDAM 30th ANNIVERSARY BOX “GUNDAM SONGS 145″ Says:

    [...] questo il titolo di una bella iniziativa che l’attenta Gabriela Robin segnala dalle pagine composta da ben dieci CD nel quale confluiranno ben 145 canzoni,non vi saranno incluse le classiche [...]

  8. Steve Says:

    Did anybody run the numbers on this to see if it’s a good deal? I mean, anime OSTs can run $30-40, and this is like what, the equivalent of 9 OSTs?

  9. mai Says:

    I think it’s not a particularly good deal if you’re just after the music. CD’s usually cost Y2900 without tax so the price is more or less just the same. The only additional are the booklets, and if you think those are worth the price, then go ahead :D

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