Takashi Matsumoto, Yoko Kanno Dialogue / Interview

MINOR UPDATE: I tried working on some of it, and this was particularly interesting because they were talking about their impression of anime:

K: How about Gundam?
M: When it was televised, my daughter used to watch it every dinner time. My daughter used to say, “Char The Red Comet is so cool”, when I saw the anime, I said, “He’s certainly cool” (haha). A while after that, I watched everything including the movie.
K: It doesn’t mean that every anime is good, isn’t it? Do you have criteria?
M: I don’t decide that in the beginning. I watch everything. First of all, I try to test everything. During this, the ones that do not suit me are just from natural selection? I intend to use instinct for such.

How about Ms. Kanno?

K: I am prejudiced with it (haha). Because my parents were strict, comics and even books with little illustrations were not allowed. Though perhaps my parents also understand a bit right now. Because I was raised very strictly, I had a deep prejudice like, “Isn’t this an inferior work?” So, when I work, because it is in anime, I try not to think of such things.
M: But you only work on anime (haha)
K: I didn’t tell my parents about my work for about 10 years. Because my parents didn’t watch TV, they surely didn’t know what their daughter was working on. But I told them about my work for NHK because I thought it was filial piety (haha). Because it was strict like this, I think I am prejudiced.

Apparently, the interview of Takashi Matsumoto, Seikan Hikou’s popular lyricist, with Kanno that appeared in Continue Magazine has a long version published in Matsumoto’s website. The interview only turned up in the website today, November 6, 2009. Please click the image above to read it (Japanese). I have only skimmed through it, and I don’t think I have time to work on it, so if someone could translate fully or in summary, I would appreciate it.

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  1. Josue Says:

    They get to talk about Maaya and Matsuda Seiko (Matsumoto used to write songs for her a long time ago).
    Talking about educate an artist…

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