Rumor Mill:
Kanno @ Japan Media Arts Festival Reports

UPDATE UPDATE: There’s already transcripts of what might be part of the talk, read here and here. You may also see more pics here.

Please treat the fan reports as rumors until we get official reports and sources. I’m basing the next lines on what I can read off these fan reports: digi☆panda, 2ch, 手をつないで一歩前進.

As previously reported, Kanno, along with Shinichiro Watanabe and Kenji Kamiyama attended the Japane Media Arts Festival in Hamamatsu today (November 3, 2009). Here are some reports that I understand:

Fan accounts:

- The event lasted for 2 and a half hours
- Kanno was the one who planned the event
- As expected, they discussed the music in working with the two directors. For Watanabe it seems that she really didn’t do music as directed to her. For Kamiyama, she was made to do angsty music.
- She doesn’t know anything about the Bebop live action movie
- She understands only a little French
- Robin comes up when she can’t find a suitable singer
- She will make the music to a live action film next year
- She played several pieces of music on the piano, including “i do”
- There was a question and answer portion, in which someone asked about Robin, and at the mention of the word, she visually frowned like “oh no”. The question was, “There are a lot of singers, when does Gabriela Robin appear?” to which she answered, “Aah, of course, she’s not here, but I’ll ask her…” to which everyone laughed.

The only real “news” here seem to be the one for Bebop, which is a negative, and the other live action film next year. So if these turn out to be true, then I’ll not be surprised :P



- The symposium had Dai Sato as the host.
- The hall was in full capacity.
- Watanabe and Kamiyama talked about Kanno at first. Watanabe met Kanno before Bebop, which is in Macross Plus, and at that time, he could not think of how this “self-professed composer” (as opposed to a “learned composer” I think) could make music. He found out that he should reserve judgement before he heard the music. Conversely, Kamiyama met Kanno when she was already popular, so he was nervous when he was asked to meet her.
- After that, Kanno introduced herself and performed some songs. If I understand it correctly, Dai Sato wanted the audience to experience first hand how music is created for scenes, and so, they showed some videos, and Kanno on the spot played music for it.
- Kanno talked about working with the two directors. Watanabe is well-versed in music, while Kamiyama mostly used words to describe what he wants.
- Kamiyama compares that for GITS:SAC, they didn’t consider the music with the storyboard at all, in contrast to his work with Eden of the East.
- Then they talked about how she dealt with the orders of the directors, to which she described Kamiyama’s as “irritable”, and Watanabe’s as “sulky”. (I got lost in the explanation to this which was in the next paragraph, sorry :P )
- They then ended with a Q&A session.

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12 Responses to “Rumor Mill:
Kanno @ Japan Media Arts Festival Reports”

  1. karlaanne Says:

    “She doesn’t know anything about the Bebop live action movie”

    this is really goign to be a HUGE disappointment if YK isn’t involved :(

  2. mai Says:

    Hmmm, someone says he/she brought a camera, let’s see if it gets out.

  3. Yyrkoon Says:

    That seemed to be pretty interesting.

  4. fugue Says:

    AFA should have something like this. so interesting.

  5. mai Says:

    If Kanno goes to Singapore, I’m there.

  6. fugue Says:

    maybe we should start a petition then :p

  7. mai Says:

    Oh man, the thought of seeing her in a place that’s a bit more convenient for me…

  8. fugue Says:

    who knows, it may happen in the near future <3

  9. mai Says:

    Then perhaps some of us could do a meet-up…

  10. Yot-chan Says:

    One of my friends (the same one who I went to the Chou-Jikuu Tanabata show with) lives in Hamamatsu and got to go to this.

    I *seethed* with envy…

  11. mai Says:

    Uuuum WHAT!!! Did he say anything about it?

  12. Tyler Says:

    Just because she hasn’t heard anything about the Live Action Bebop Film doesn’t mean all hope is lost.

    They don’t compose the score to a film until well after it has been finished shooting, and since they don’t even have a finalized script yet, it’s wayyyyy to early to tell who’ll be doing the music.

    that being said, I wish someone had asked Mr. Watanabe what his next directoral work will be. It’s been over 5 years since Champloo.

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