Unreleased Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex Music

For starters, it has been confirmed via interviews at Anime Expo 2006 with Production IG animators that Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex Solid State Society (phew) is not the last installation to the SAC universe. But it looks like it’s going to take a while for the next series to be released. We don’t even know if Kanno will still be composer for the next series, so let’s just dwell a bit on the unreleased songs :P .

The music you will hear from this site have been ripped by kacper :) The song here which you could listen to using the player below has been enhanced a bit for your listening pleasure.

Missing Gabriela Song A:

Download the unreleased songs here:

Part 1
Part 2 (Password: friend)

Please tell your friends so that the link won’t expire that fast :)

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32 Responses to “Unreleased Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex Music”

  1. "J" Says:

    Thank you so much for putting this up, I loved so many songs from this. -Please- rip so more songs if you can, there are so many from the anime that have stuck with me and I was dissapointed that they weren’t on any of the soundtracks I’ve collected.

  2. mai Says:

    I would love to help you out, but I am not really the person providing the rips… I just show them to people and credit the original ripper. Probably you could ask them to do more… how i wished I could do these myself *sigh*

  3. "J" Says:

    Do you know what kind of software you need to rip the music? I’ve been interested in trying to do it myself actually.. I’m just not very computer savy. I’ve found programs that let you edit music files but nothing that lets you rip music from dvds or trailers I’ve downloaded from the net.

  4. mai Says:

    Hi J,

    The most recommended one is VirtualDubMod,


    but I haven’t tried it myself :)

  5. dechi Says:

    found this on livejournal, thanks heaps for putting it up :D

  6. roadkill Says:

    Also here via livejournal, thanks so much for the rips!

  7. mai Says:

    Please thank kacper, probably by visiting his blog:


    and also, I have to update this page because some of the songs have already been released! :)

  8. Heavenaura Says:

    Where can I find Turkey? I been looking for it for a freaken long time

  9. mai Says:

    It’s the second track in this CD, and it’s available in CD Japan:


  10. Agolli Says:

    Damn, the song that plays on the first ep of 2ng GIG at 20:05 wasn’t in those :

  11. Mankool Says:

    I don’t know if it’s included in these unofficial soundtracks, but something tells me it won’t be because of how short it was… Does anyone know of any official or unofficial release of the song at the end of the Movie Director/Tachikoma Escape episode? It is a smooth orchestrated version of Lithium Flower… very short where Batou asks Motoko to a movie. Anyone know anything about a possible release of this song?

  12. Mankool Says:

    Nevermind, that’s what I get for assuming that the never-ending on and off search is pointless… track #2 is exactly what i was talking about… Amazing Collection!

  13. mai Says:

    Anyway, congratulations for finding it :) Still a lot of stuff from GITS:SAC are not released in CDs, but it seems that Smooth In The Shell was the marker for the final release :c

  14. westfall Says:

    great job. i just finished cataloging the music from 1st GIG by episode, there are still a few cues missing but still, awesome job. Till this moment only 3 tracks from nearly 50 have been found in other OSTs, specially in OST 4. I’m starting 2nd GIG tomorrow and i´ll let you know how that goes.

  15. Steve Says:

    Amazing stuff! I was so pumped when someone managed to compile an unofficial sountrack of sorts for the unreleased songs. It wasn’t long before these unofficial songs made their way right into my daily listening routine. In short, I must say its an amazing compilation and I hope you can find a few more little musical gems to grab from the series!

  16. macdawson Says:

    i hope whoever made this could make the same for Macross Frontier.

  17. mai Says:

    We still have a movie OST to look forward to, so I suppose no one is making the rips yet because of that. But there’s someone I know who is doing it :)

  18. Valen Says:

    Dam Didnt Have the Song From S.A.C 2nd gig #5 at 21:00 :(

    but good job none the less

  19. Imogen_Luna Says:

    GITS is one of my favourites X

  20. Younes Says:

    Thank you!

  21. alternate Says:

    this link is dead… please re-upload. i really enjoyed 2nd gig.

  22. Leon Says:

    Yes please reupload the 2nd one. The link is dead

  23. Ferian Says:

    Somebody can re-upload it because I research some songs of ghost in the shell for 2 years !!! PLEASE RE-UPLOAD !!!

  24. Nick Says:

    Figure one more post wont hurt…
    Please reupload link, i’m dying to hear whats on here…

  25. mai Says:

    Try asking around YKDB, where those links were originally taken from:


    Just ask and keep asking in that forum, I think someone will be able to help. We also need new blood in there :P

  26. Vi Says:

    Part 2:
    pass: friend

  27. Riana Martin Says:

    I was wondering if anyone here might know if it’s possible to get the track that plays when the suicide bomber blows up the helicopter and injures Ishikawa, toward the end of the 2nd Gig? I’ve looked everywhere and can’t find it.

  28. Tanner Says:

    None of the songs posted had one song I was looking for. Thanks for the other ones though as they’re just as awesome. I have posted this because I researched trying to find out what the song is, but no one even talks about it or there’s no hint about it.

    Text I posted on Yahoo Answers:

    So if you’ve seen the first gig of Ghost in the Shell, there’s an episode where Togusa and Batou head to a district to find the child of technology corporation. They find a soldier in a tower sending a SOS call and he’s mentally unstable. Right as they go through town after the Tachikoma loses the string the music starts to play there… I believe.

    In the second gig during the episode Cash Eye, as the wealthy people and their “bunnies” exit the vehicle the music starts to play again!!! What is the music as I can’t find it on any OSTs unless I’m completely skipping over it.

    The song itself has an awkward unsteadiness and it sounds flowing, but almost as if multiple people were whistling it. It starts off with a bass drum.

    Anyone please help me out? Been bugging me and cannot find it!!!!!

  29. Bort Says:

    The 2 rar files seem to be missing quite a substantial track.
    In Episode 21 of the First Season, the satellite live visual observation scene where Ishikawa is verifying Imakurusu’s face, the track begins.
    It plays up until the point where Batou shoots his way through a golf course hotel room’s window while chopper rappelling.

    I would very much love to have that rediscovered and added to one of the rars.

  30. Lemon Says:

    Please reupload the first link!

  31. Anthony Says:

    Well now the first link is dead.
    A re-upload of part one would be highly appreciated.

    Thank you!

  32. jr Says:

    Guys, heres part 1: http://www.2shared.com/file/fsjj0ism/YKAN_GI_TS_SAC_OSUC1.html

    Found it on YT. Pass is: friend

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