Superdimensional Super Live Concert by Ranka Lee and Sheryl Nome Report (update)

UPDATE: Maaya’s website has more photos of her at the event, set list updated using list by

The Superdimensional Super Live Concert by Ranka Lee and Sheryl Nome has been held yesterday at the Tokyo Metropolitan Bay East District Blue Beach Pallet Town at 2pm.

Set List:

My Boyfriend is a Pilot -MISS MACROSS 2059 – Megumi Nakajima
Seikan Hikou – Megumi Nakajima
Ninjin Loves you yeah! – Megumi Nakajima
Neko Nikki – Megumi Nakajima
My Boyfriend is a Pilot (Long Version) – Megumi Nakajima
Alto and Michael MC
Alto, Ranka and Michael Nyan Nyan
Small White Dragon – Megumi Nakajima
Angel’s Colors – Megumi Nakajima
Sagitarrius 9pm Don’t be late – Megumi Nakajima with May’n
Northern Cross – May’n
Diamond Crevasse – May’n
Welcome To My FanClub’s Night! – May’n
What ’bout my star? – Megumi Nakajima with May’n
Kanno Yoko Piano: Kira Kira, Triangler (with Maaya), Aimo
Vocal Medley: Do you Remember Love (Megumi), What ’bout my Star @ Formo (May’n and Megumi)
Do you Remember Love – Megumi Nakajima
Infinity – May’n
Aimo – Megumi Nakajima
Lion – Megumi Nakajima with May’n
SMS chant – BG only

Dressing Room

Megumi looking cute!

And May’n looking sultry!

Altogether now :)

Alto, Ranka and Michael do the Nyan Nyan Dance

Triangler piano version, me want!


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26 Responses to “Superdimensional Super Live Concert by Ranka Lee and Sheryl Nome Report (update)”

  1. Izumo Says:

    Ooooh!!! Megumi in school girl wear! O_O!!!! Yowza!! May’n indeed looking sultry! Sexy even! Hot damn i wish i was there T_T.

    It looked like it would be alot of fun there. Never been apart of a japanese concert or whatnot so i wouldn’t know what it’s like. Seeing vids & pics i so want to experience it once in my life though.

    As for Triangler piano version, you never know it may be included in future OST or anime episodes!

    Thanks for posting Mai-san! ^__^!

  2. djsilt Says:

    hopefully some bootleg audio recording will come soon because i also want to hear that triangler acoustic version !!!

  3. Pippa Says:

    I wish the picture of Alto’s seiyuu was closer, he’s hot ^^

  4. mai Says:

    @ Izumo – You’re welcome :)

    @djsilt – I hope so too, if no one made a bootleg for this one, there’s another concert at Osaka, perhaps someone could record the Maaya song, even just that one? I heard they’re very strict in Japan about this, but still… Or better yet, a concert DVD! :D

    @ Pippa – I was looking for a better shot of Alto’s VA for the same reason :D

  5. Realist_Classic Says:

    Wow, that must have been an awesome concert to attend. I hope there was someone with a high quality DAT recorder in the crowd.

    Is it me or the setlist seems a bit too Megumi-dominated? Not that I would mind, but it would be nice to have some more Sheryl songs sung exclusively by May’n. Not that I’m knocking duets.

  6. mai Says:

    Actually I think that the concert title that I put is a little wrong, it should be Ranka Lee with Sheryl Nome, so I suppose that May’n isn’t really the highlight of the concert.

  7. Realist_Classic Says:

    @mai: Ah, then that makes more sense. Was there already a live May’n held? If not, then here’s hoping that there will be one in the future :)

  8. mai Says:

    There’s no live with May’n in the lead… but I suppose they’ll share the spotlight in the Galaxy Tour Final. I think they’re doing this to build Megumi up more, since she’s a new artist.

  9. Pippa Says:

    Also, hasn’t May’n got a solo tour that’s just been announced on her homepage? Megumi won’t have that for a while (just another reason why she gets her own concert now…)

  10. mai Says:

    I thought about that too, but her tour starts on January 2009, and I assumed that it’s non-Macross related so she might not perform her anime songs. What I probably meant was that there’d be no huge Sheryl-centric concert, unlike Ranka here…

    unless we get another season of Frontier (which I have to admit, I don’t want to see if it means we get an unplanned, diluted story!)

  11. polidread Says:

    Thanks for sharing this update.
    i can tell this is an awesome concert just by reading the setlist !
    (almost everything from Yoko Kanno!)

    what are the chances we’ll see a concert DVD of this?
    i think there’s a very small chance – i havent heard of any news regarding a concert DVD of Mari Iijima and Yoshiki Fukuyama’s concert from last year,

    and it’s supposed to be THE 25th anniv concert for Macross ! :(

  12. Yyrkoon Says:

    —Below is a useless comment—

    Ahhhhhhhhh Yoko Kanno and Maaya in a piano Triangler !!!!!!!!!!
    Whereeeeee cann I find it? ??? Wherereeee????


  13. Izumo Says:

    @ mai-san & pippa-san

    Doesn’t the Macross Frontier offical website show his pic in the radio section of the site. He’s together with Megumi & Michael’s seiyuu (forget his name atm). Although it’s semi-small you can get a good look at his face.

    I listen to the radio show everytime they update it. Pretty funny stuff.

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  15. mai Says:

    @ Izumo – I posted that photo of the seiyuus before here, and that’s how I realized that he’s kinda cute :D

    @ Yyrkoon – no bootlegs yet :c

    @ polidread – You’re from MW right, the Valk girls? I have friends who are cosplayers, I wonder if they’ve seen your work :D Thanks for visiting!

  16. mar Says:

    “Angel’s Colors – Megumi Nakajima”

    Is this Minmay’s “An Angel Paints” or Basara’s “Angel Voice”?

  17. mai Says:

    It’s “Angel’s Colors/Paints”, I translated it from the Japanese text:

    天使の絵の具 – Tenshi no e no gu

    Is “An Angel Paints” the official Romanization? I see it Romanized as Angel’s Paints or Angel’s Colors in various websites.

  18. paper2k1 Says:

    The Macross F OST 2 is slated for release on October 8, 2008.

    Order Number: VTCL-60061
    Price: 3,045 yen (approx 30.34 USD)
    Release Date: October 8, 2008

  19. paper2k1 Says:

    Macross Frontier Vol.3 Blue-Ray/DVD cover art…

  20. mai Says:

    Thanks!!! I was just updating………… Gosh!

  21. Pippa Says:

    Maaya’s page put up one more photo of her performing:

  22. mai Says:

    Thanks Pippa!!! (What’s with the curtain, we can’t see Maaya’s beautiful face!)

  23. Knightwing Says:

    Dear polidread

    The chance for this concert DVD might be slim, but let fingercross. I’m not sure what is the reason why there is no DVD on Macross 25th Aniversary concert. But for Macross 7 concert, there are 2 DVD already out Electric Fire and Fukuyama Fire, so let hope that Macross F concert will be out on DVD.

    If I know about this concert about 3 month ago, I would definitely buy plane ticket to watch this concert for sure

  24. ismael castro Says:

    yo soy mexicano soy de el estado de sinaloa pero solo quiero desir que las cansiones que salen en la serie de macross frontier stan muy bien me encanto la vos de main y de nakajima megumison voses exelentes hay quien quiera ablar con un sinaloense mexicano hay ta mi correo mpa que lo anoten (

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  26. New Macross releases. | SP LifeArts Says:

    [...] For November, days after the premier of the Macross F movie, the DVD/BD of the F Galaxy Tour Final will be released on the 27th. For those who wants to know what will they be seeing from the concert, spoiler here. [...]

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