Yoko Kanno to perform
Ragnarok Online 2 Concert in Korea

UPDATE: June 20, 2007
The concert setlist has been elaborated. More songs from Escaflowne, Ghost in the Shell: SAC and Cowboy Bebop have been announced, including a song from Earth Girl Arjuna. Kanno will also perform her always-present piano solo. Source: Ragnarok 2 Concert Page

What: Ragnarok Online 2 Concert Live in Korea
When: June 20, 2007, 7:30pm
Where: Sejong Center Grand Hall, Seoul Korea
Ticket Prices: VIP tickets are ₩100,000 ($107.64), others are ₩80,000 ($86.11), ₩50,000 ($53.82) and ₩30,000 ($32.29).
Aside from performing Ragnarok Online 2 background music, the concert will also feature some of Yoko Kanno’s popular works from Ghost in the Shell: SAC, Cowboy Bebop and Escaflowne.

Guest Vocalists:
Mai Yamane
Maaya Sakamoto


  1. Torukia/Turkey – Ghost in the Shell: SAC
  2. Inner Universe – Ghost in the Shell: SAC
  3. Rise – Ghost in the Shell: SAC
  4. Don’t Bother None – Cowboy Bebop
  5. Call Me Call Me – Cowboy Bebop
  6. Player – Cowboy Bebop
  7. Kuuki to Hoshi – Arjuna
  8. Hikaru no Naka de – Escaflowne
  9. Quiet Place – Ragnarok 2
  10. Piano Solo
  11. Swamper – Ragnarok 2
  12. Clap & Walk – Ragnarok 2
  13. Stone Music – Ragnarok 2
  14. Poem – Ragnarok 2
  15. The Real Folk Blues – Cowboy Bebop
  16. ELM – Cowboy Bebop
  17. Sailing – Ragnarok 2
  18. Intro Theme – Ragnarok 2
  19. Quiet Place – Ragnarok 2
  20. Bag Pipe Solo
  21. Prontera Field – Ragnarok 2
  22. Imiru – Ragnarok 2
  23. Yoru_Vo – Ragnarok 2
  24. Five Years War – Ragnarok 2
  25. The Force Midgarts – Ragnarok 2
  26. Quiet Place – Ragnarok 2
  27. Din Don Dan Dan – Ragnarok 2
  28. Blue – Cowboy Bebop
  29. Yubiwa – Escaflowne
  30. Yakusoku wa Iranai – Escaflowne
  31. Ex 1. Orchestra Medley
  32. Ex 2. Hodo
  33. Ex 3. Kimagure on Today

Guest Musicians:
Tsuneo Imahori (guitar)
Masatsugu Shinozaki (violin)
Masami Horisawa (cello)
Suzuki Vagabond (bass)
Tamao Fujii (percussions)


Victor Entertainment Yoko Kanno Page (Japanese)
Origa’s Official Site (Japanese)
Ragnarok Official Site (Korean)
Extey Style (Korean)
Anime News Network (English)
4gamer.net (Japanese)
Maaya Sakamoto JVC Site (Japanese)
Stoo.com (Korean)
DreamWiz.com (Korean)
GameMeca.com (Korean)
Gpara.com (Korean)

It is a good year to be a Kanno fan :)

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19 Responses to “Yoko Kanno to perform
Ragnarok Online 2 Concert in Korea”

  1. mai Says:

    Damn, i so want to be there… :(

  2. cristian spain Says:

    If we had a korean friend hero who could record the show for us… :(
    Thanks mai for the info.

  3. djsilt Says:

    “It is a good year to be a Kanno fan”
    especially if you live in Korea ^^
    i really hope there will be a DVD of this concert for a special edition of the OSTs :D

  4. mai Says:

    Cris – I just remembered, have you listened to the vocal version of Yoru from the Ragnarok 2 OST? It soulds very much like Ilaria! I’ll make a post about it soon. Probably tomorrow :)

    djsilt – Someone has to record that. Someone has to! That’s actually what I hope will happen :)

  5. cristian spain Says:

    I’ve been disconnected from the ost (so lazy ^^), but I’ll check it out right now! Thanks!!!

  6. cristian spain Says:

    Awesome! new ilaria’s song… and so beautiful… xxx

  7. mai Says:

    I recommend Intro Theme, Din Don Dan Dan Fo, Hodo, Jumping Crisis, Arpia_Full, and Yoru of course! But everyone is wired up in different ways, so I guess everyone should just try listening to all of it :)

  8. A Gabriela Robin Site » Yoko Kanno Mini-Concert in Korea Says:

    [...] late than never. This performance happened in May 9, where it was apparently announced that the Ragnarok 2 Concert was going to happen [...]

  9. A Gabriela Robin Site » Ragnarok 2 Website Updates - The Superband Says:

    [...] I visited the site at a time they were updating their concert page… and it looked like there was a misplaced css div and the images were floating everywhere. After 2 minutes, the page was gone. Apparently, they have a new set of Kanno images to show off, including her portfolio, and the portfolio of her “Superband” that would appear later at the Ragnarok 2 Concert. [...]

  10. hiutopor Says:

    Hi all!

    Very interesting information! Thanks!


  11. Terrence Walker Says:

    Maybe Yoko Kanno doesn’t KNOW that she’s Robin?! ;)

  12. mai Says:

    Interesting theory, but that’d make her… a psycho :D

  13. marco Says:

    Hola, me gusta su cancion en cawboy beebop, saludos, y siga sacando tan buenas canciones

  14. Yuu Says:

    Any possibilities to watch some video of it? ç_ç

  15. mai Says:

    Hi Yuu, all of the videos of the Ragnarok 2 Concert in Korea have been requested by Yoko and Maaya to be supressed from the public, and have also been removed from this website.

  16. Yuu Says:

    OMG that’s a pity.. Well, I’ll wait for the DVD! (If there’ll be one XD)

  17. Kiba Says:

    Cheza’s Lullaby is amazing

  18. Luna Says:

    Oh yes chezas song is incredible i agree.
    this concert sounds really good!

  19. no_side Says:

    hi fellas!.. I was looking for months something more about this concert.. but I can’t find nothing.. please if somebody has a link, a file, a name… or something please please please!… share it! .. the only thing that I can find was this two links to youtube:


    Inner Universe:

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