Seikan Hikou Debuts in Oricon Daily Singles at #5

Megumi Nakajima/Ranka Lee’s Debut Single Seikan Hikou debuts in the Oricon Daily Singles Chart at #5, with a tough competition of 9 other debuts this week. Seikan Hikou’s sales for yesterday are not published in Oricon, as they usually don’t publish the figures if they are below 10,000. The single above Seikan Hikou does not have figures either, and the single above that sold about 14,000.

But there’s hope as the Triangler Single debuted at the daily charts with a lower ranking at #6, but made it to the weeklies at #3.

I wish it would end up in the Weeklies as #3 or higher to keep the Macross Frontier record.

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2 Responses to “Seikan Hikou Debuts in Oricon Daily Singles at #5”

  1. j1m0ne Says:

    No.5 is already very good considering the competition – I really wouldn’t put any money on Nakajima beating out Shuchishin or Porno Graffitti, both could’ve easily made it to No.1 on a slower week. Arashi were always going to be tops the moment they announced the single though -_-

  2. Izumo Says:

    That’s not to shabby for a relatively newcomer who is basically getting her feet wet for the first time. And considering the who she was up against in sales for this week, i think this is great news for Megumi-san & Kanno-san.

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