Macross Frontier Episode 11 – Neko Nikki

Ranka / Megumi Nakajima’s song Neko Nikki, previously played in episode 9, now gets a focus on episode 11 as its ending theme. I didn’t find the song notable until I heard how it was used in this episode. The flow from Ranka’s scene and the green monster to the song went pretty well.

Here’s a short sample taken from the previously leaked (disclaimer: not here!) Neko Nikki:

She sounds very much like the younger Maaya Sakamoto in this song, doesn’t she? And I’m not the only one who noticed! If not for now her voice sounds on low notes, I wouldn’t think it’s Megumi Nakajima singing this.

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10 Responses to “Macross Frontier Episode 11 – Neko Nikki”

  1. izumo Says:

    I really didn’t notice that she sounded similar to Maaya Sakamoto-san in the song/ Maaya-san has a higher pitch in her singing…i would compare her to May’n more than Nakajima-san.

    Nakajima-san’s voice sounds so distinct, it may be that she’s half philipino so she doesn’t have that more traditional japanese sound. Anyways the song sounds very nice, & i liked the drawings of Ranka in the ending. Ranka being cute & funloving.

    BTW is anyone else waiting for that green creature to cast ‘Reflect’ or something? It looks so like Carbuncle from FF games. Also my guess is that creature is a baby Varja :P

  2. mai Says:

    Maaya may have a high pitch in her voice in Triangler, but I’m not really comparing it to that song since it’s the higher end of her range and she rarely sings in that register except perhaps for song bridges. Perhaps try this one (Mameshiba, from Arjuna):

    Most of her new songs have a relatively low pitch, and it’s of a different timbre from Nakajima’s.

    I’ve been listening to Maaya for years now, so when I heard Neko Nikki, I reserved my opinion that it sounded like Maaya before I heard someone else say it. Plus, another Maaya fan also said that she thought “Ai Oboete imasu ka” was Maaya, so it isn’t just me.

  3. Naddie Says:

    Agreed, she sounds very similar to Maaya! And that’s not a bad thing at all :D Ahhh her single is going to be phenomenal!

  4. mai Says:

    Two days until the CD is released!

  5. Izumo Says:

    After seeing the vid i kinda see where you are headed with your description. I’m so used to the older Maaya than her earlier years T__T.

    The newest song of Maaya i’ve heard was Triangler & since you’ve been following her career more than i have, i’ll take your word for it.

    In 2 days (or less) time to torrent Megumi-san’s new CD…than wait a week for my copy to arrive from CDjapan T__T!

  6. mai Says:

    the torrent – seek and you shall…


  7. Maeda J Says:

    I also thought she sounded like Maaya but I used the Escaflowne insert song Hikari no naka E as basis… it has the same innocent girly flavor as neko nikki but that’s just me

  8. mai Says:

    Good suggestion! Here’s a fan video with the song:

    D@mn, this song gives me goosebumps, I first heard Kanno through Escaflowne, and this song brings back memories… I think that this one Escaflowne song owns any of the Macross F songs, just listen to that arrangement. Kanno needs more angst, pain, sadness! That didn’t sound right. Haha.

    Sayonara… Aishiteru… Aaaaaaaaaw…. (I wonder if the Macross F love triangle will end up like *that*!)

  9. zagunsousan Says:

    Yeah, this song was and still is beautiful. Escaflowne OST III may still be one of my favorite Kanno albums, with possibly my favorite Kanno track. But I can’t listen to it that often, precisely because it has so much angst, pain, and sadness!

    I’m guessing Lion will debut episode 14, because if this series is 26 episodes, that’ll be the beginning of the second half.

  10. mai Says:

    Actually it might be 25 episodes, based on the DVDs right? The first DVD has only one episode, the deculture one, that’s 8 DVDs with 3 episodes, and one DVD with one episode.

    I could be mistaken though… I just want to hear the new intro and ending songs :D

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