Well, I predicted it! Kanno sang in the concert, and she sang Moon!!! What I didn’t predict is that she didn’t even try to conceal herself :P

That’s all. Fangasm :D

Now please, if you guys can’t release a DVD, then perhaps a CD would do fine? :)

We’re all still compiling reports here, dig in!

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  1. Crispain Says:

    Epic and awesome!

    I need to see this… :’(

  2. mai Says:

    I’m happy!!! :)

  3. omo Says:

    I hope they release /something/ but from what I saw neither is likely. The show wouldn’t work well on CD unless they only include select portions, as there were a lot of visual elements to it. As for DVD, I just didn’t spot enough cameras, compared to shows that do get a DVD release. It’s nothing definite but it’s not promising.

  4. mai Says:

    Well they did fade outs for the Bebop live CD…

  5. Crispain Says:

    Any cameramen in the stage?

  6. Yyrkoon Says:

    There were, the big screens in the hall used them. But I’m still pessimistic for the DVD. But anaway, they have everything they need to release one (or a CD), but they said they won’t, but if they change their mind someday, they will still be able to.

  7. Crispain Says:

    Great info
    Thanks Yyrkoon

  8. ghostlightning Says:

    MOON! Oh my god. I wish I could see and hear this!

  9. Gabriela Robin Is… « Kitsune’s Thoughts Says:

    [...] [via Gabriela Robin Site] [...]

  10. TheBigN Says:

    Oh man. Now I feel like crying. :P

  11. Soulshift Says:

    I was there, Kanno’s voice is SIMPLY AMAZING. At the beginning she sang in her usual quiet, shy tones but, right at the end of the song, she belted out some amazing notes easily on par with the rest of the vocalists. I think everyone in the arena was pretty much awestruck.

    I get the feeling she plucked up the courage to sing because she was being backed up by her beloved Warsaw Philharmonic Orchestra.

  12. moichispa Says:

    I knew it ! mm I want a release of that to compare it with the origa one at least

  13. 3Force Says:

    Wow. That must have been FANTASTIC.

  14. Naddie Says:



    And does anyone feel weird now that Kanno has revealed herself? That she doesn’t feel as if it’s important anymore? I don’t know. I feel like it’s an awesome news or something buuuut it also feels a bit weird, lol. Can’t really explain this feeling.

  15. AG Says:

    well i believe that now the “Who is Gabriela Robin? ” part of the site needs an update right?
    i’m so so sad reading all that was going on at the concert T__T
    release a DVD please Yoko, damn it! ToT

  16. mai Says:

    I’m so lazy recently! I haven’t even updated the site for SBC. Perhaps when the news about the concert dies down I will update the “Who” section too…

    @Naddie – Yy I think has some other similar kind of feeling about it, but I think his feelings are also quite different. For me, I’m happy because we’re turning a new chapter ;)

  17. Yyrkoon Says:

    Yep, I feel a bit sad that she revealed it : she was performing the piano beginning of Nostalgia (end of turn a gundam), then she conducted the orchestra, and then she turned to the public, and actually there was a mic but I think nearly nobody saw it, and then the music of Moon began… And she sang.

    She didn’t speak about Gabriela during the concert, and after that performance, she left from the stage (since it was the last encore). That was after a 3 hours concert, so she looked pretty tired, but her performance was awesome, considering the fact she was singing in public for the first time, after “hiding” the Gabriela Robin thing, and with a orchestra and a choir, and in front of 18 000 people.

    I’m feeling like it’s the end of something, so that’s why I’m a bit sad, but in a good way, I think :)

  18. Naddie Says:

    @Yyrkoon: Yes, that’s exactly how I view it! It feels like the end of “something” – an era? I don’t know, but I’m hoping with the reveal she’ll up her ante for her next concerts, if there’ll ever be one! God I love her so much, I really really hope they’d reconsider releasing a DVD. At least a CD. Throw us a bone here!

    …Do you think anyone brought in a camera during the concert? xD I guess even if they did they were too busy flailing lol, I would’ve been.

  19. Yyrkoon Says:

    I was in a far balcony in front of the stage so I could see nearly everyone and I didn’t see anyone recording, but there were not a lot of foreigners (we were maybe 10 or 20 out of 17 000…) and Japanese certainly respected the non camera rule.

  20. Huggums Says:

    She actually sang it? I thought that was a mistake.

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