Space Bio Charge CD Packaging

My copy arrived today, and I thought this would be interesting since I think only a few people who visit here got it.

First up, the CD box came with a little Seatbelts sticker, and a white page announcing the 7/7 concert. The outer track list is a detachable sheet from the main box. Not to worry, since another track list is available inside in the booklet.

The CD jacket opens up nicely to reveal the CDs consecutively:

The outside of the jacket.

And here’s how it looks when you open it. At this part, the booklet is sandwiched, and it actually fell out when I opened it because there was nothing holding it onto the packaging. I’ll get to the booklet later.

And when you open it some more, you see the first CD, whose design looks like the moon.

And then you open it again to see the second and third CDs, with the second CD looking like a gaseous version of Mars, and the last one obviously a joke planet with a chick crater on it looking like a cookie cutout.

The jacket isn’t much to look at, as most of it is just black and lyrics. It only has that planet image, tiny stars and comets and some doodles. What initially caught my eye was this:

Aha, an official set of lyrics to Chikyuu Kyoumei! The site needs an update. Also, most of the lyrics that are not in Japanese have Japanese translations.

Does anyone know if any songs in this album previously have unpublished lyrics? We now have Chikyuu Kyoumei (above), and Waratteta, I don’t know if any of the rest here are unpublished. I will make a separate post about these newly published lyrics when I get the time :)

I actually checked the CD jacket to see if they would thank the fans, but there was none :( What I did find interesting is that they thanked the anime directors starting from Kazuki Akane, Tomino, Kawamori, Watanabe, Okamura, etc. Another interesting tidbit was that they put “All music performed by Seatbelts”, and before that, you see “Seatbelts are” and it proceeds to write every one of the instrumentalists and coordinators, from 5 different countries. “Seatbelts” is really just a name to call everyone who Kanno works with.

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10 Responses to “Space Bio Charge CD Packaging”

  1. omo Says:

    >> since I think only a few people got it.

    I think a lot of people got this album.

  2. mai Says:

    Ah, I thought that since there were quite a number of people who openly stated that they decided not to buy it, then it wasn’t patronized here much. Most of the reviews of this album I see are from Japanese fans, but probably that’s because our copies were still shipping ^__^;;

    I know the amount of people who bought this album who visit this site is almost the same amount as those who bought CMYoko2, which isn’t much either. Well not like the Macross F CDs at least.

  3. Paliodor Says:

    I probably will buy my copy in the next few months. Right now I don’t have much money to spend on CDs but this one is on my “must buy” list so it’s only a matter of time when I get it ^^

  4. mai Says:

    Paliodor, you won’t be making a mistake if you don’t have many Kanno CDs. Most eco sizes are not cuts, and if some of them have cuts, it’s not noticeable :)

  5. djsilt Says:

    the 3rd CD is my fav :) but also the shortest :(

  6. Paliodor Says:

    @mai: Yes, I know ^^. That’ why I will buy this album, I only have Nyan Tama, Lovers only and GitS:S.A.C CDs so Bio Charge will be great addition to my collection.

  7. Saouri Says:

    I want a copy but i will wait a little bit more.
    Congratulations for being the fan you are, Mai, and for share this stuff with us.
    Looking the pics, i feel like watching the cd’s over your shoulder XD

  8. mai Says:

    @Saouri – I actually wanted to make a video of me flipping through it just so that you can see the whole thing… but I’m afraid my hands don’t look pretty enough to show XD XD XD

  9. bakabaka Says:

    I got a legit copy! Now … where is that sticker??

  10. mai Says:

    It’s not that big a sticker, and not that nice either. It’s 1×5 inches and looks haphazardly put together (just the words “Seatbelts” and “Yoko Kanno”), so much that it looks like an afterthought, or maybe they just threw it in as a tiny gift for the first press :P

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