Space Bio Charge Track Lengths, Review

UPDATE: Review finished. Samples of the songs, and what looks like a rushed TV spot CM, are available in the Victor Website.

Kanno described this set of CDs as “Dramatic”, “Inner”, and “Private”. The “Dramatic” CD, or CD 1 contains mostly orchestra pieces, “Inner” or CD 2 are some of her most anthemic songs. The third CD, which she joking called “Private” contains many psychedelic pieces that’s almost a requisite in any Kanno CD. You could easily guess that she called it “Private” because the characteristic of the songs is quite like what you’d expect from someone with a personality like her. Plus the fact that Gabby sang a good number of the songs…

The first two CDs are more than 1 hour each, even with the eco sizes. The eco size edits are unnoticeable most of the time, and if I were to guess, they sped up some of the songs to make space for others, and removed a few repeating measures from some songs. The most noticeable cut I have encountered so far is from Yakusoku wa Iranai, where the second verse and chorus is cut out. Cloe’s second verse and chorus, which is mostly a repeat of the first verse and chorus with a little more orchestra in the background, has been removed. For the rest of them, I was wondering what exactly was cut out, if any. Even the Tank! that is mentioned in the track list as “TV stretch” is not a TV stretch, as it’s more than 3 minutes long, and I couldn’t figure out if they removed any part. The original Tank is 3:30 in length, and the one in this CD is 3:26, so I could only conclude that they sped it up a bit.

There are quite a number of tracks here which I thought were very good choices, and I think they are the best songs in their respective releases. For example, the only track I really loved from the Darker than Black OST is High Heel Runaway, and I wouldn’t buy the whole Darker than Black OST just for that song. The choice of Wolf’s Rain songs is also to my liking. I would have traded some songs to get Pearls (Bebop), Ai no Rinkaku (Brain Powerd) and After All (Turn-A Gundam) though, like Hamduche and Kagiri naki Tabiji.

A minor disappointment is the fact that they previously listed that Cloe will be the version sang by Gabriela Robin, but I suppose it’s either a typo or a mistake, because the song in the CD is Chinatsu Yamamoto’s. It’s not the Cloe version that was used for the NTT Pocketbell CM. I still have high hopes that it would go to CMYoko3 though.

All in all, if you have been collecting Kanno’s CDs for a long time now, I believe there is no need for you to buy this release, unless you just collect her CDs as a hobby. These CDs are more meant for those fans who are new, or for those who would like to support her and didn’t want to buy so many CDs to get her hits, or for those who are going to her concert and don’t know the bulk of her work. For me, I haven’t bought much of her CDs apart from the GITS, Macross F and her solo works, so this release covers for many songs that I regularly listen to even if I haven’t obtained them legally :P

01. Fly up in the air ~ Tension (eco. size)/ISRAEL PHILHARMONIC ORCHESTRA (MACROSS PLUS) [2:54.16]
02. Tank!(TV stretch)/SEATBELTS (COWBOY BEBOP) [3:26.30] – I promise this isn’t the TV stretch.
03. Kouya no Heath/AKINO (Sousei no Aquarion) [5:34.27]
04. Turkey (eco. size)/Gabriela Robin (Ghost in the Shell STAND ALONE COMPLEX) [5:34.58]
06. High Heel Runaway (DARKER THAN BLACK) [2:41.12]
07. Ask DNA (eco. size)/SEATBELTS (COWBOY BEBOP Movie) [4:41.65]
08. could you bite the hand?/steve conte (WOLF’S RAIN O.S.T.) [3:38.10]
09. player (eco. size)/Origa with Heartsdales (Ghost in the Shell S.A.C. S.S.S.) [5:34.48]
10. Power of the Light (eco. size) (Brain Powerd) [2:45.02]
11. Kagiri naki Tabiji / Aki Okui (∀GUNDAM) [4:59.63]
12. DANCE OF CURSE (eco. size) (THE VISION OF ESCAFLOWNE) [2:52.17]
13. Genesis of Aquarion/AKINO (Sousei no Aquarion) [3:13.13]
14. lithium flower/Scott Matthew (Ghost in the Shell S.A.C.) [3:26.10]
15. shiro,long tail’s (WOLF’S RAIN O.S.T.2) [3:11.65]
16. inner universe (eco. size)/Origa (Ghost in the Shell S.A.C.) [4:35.72]
17. Lion/May’n/Megumi Nakajima (Macross F) [5:03.32]
18. Chikyuu Kyoumei/Gabriela Robin (Arjuna into the another world) [2:02.03]
19. Rakuen~secret garden. (WOLF’S RAIN O.S.T.2 Secret Track) [5:25.23]

01. MOON (eco. size)/Gabriela Robin (Turn A Gundam Movie) [5:06.43]
02. high spirit (Sousei no Aquarion) [3:09.72]
03. Yakusoku wa Iranai (eco. size) /Maaya Sakamoto (Tenkuu no Escaflowne) [3:02.32]
04. be human/Scott Matthew (Ghost in the Shell S.A.C.) [4:05.38]
05. GET9 (hyper eco. size) /jill max (Ghost in the Shell S.A.C.) [3:21.50]
06. THE GARDEN OF EVERYTHING~Denki Rocket ni kimi o Tsurete~ [6:19.68]
/Maaya Sakamoto feat. Steve conte (Rahxephon Single M2)
07. CORACAO SELVAGEM/Joyce (WOLF’S RAIN O.S.T.) [3:31.20]
08. Hamduche/SEATBELTS (COWBOY BEBOP Movie) [1:53.53]
09. VOICES/Akino Arai (MACROSS PLUS O.S.T.) [3:49.50]
10. Cloe (eco. size)/Chinatsu Yamamoto (Arjuna into the another world) [3:01.56]
11. White Falcon (∀GUNDAM) [1:22.52]
12. THE REAL FOLK BLUES (save money size)/Mai Yamane (COWBOY BEBOP) [5:03.10]
13. I Do/Ilaria Graziano (Ghost in the Shell S.A.C.) [4:54.61]
13. End title Nostalgina (Turn A Gundam Movie) [4:47.18]
14. Yubiwa (Single Ver.)/Maaya Sakamoto (Escaflowne) [3:48.15]
15. Toki no Kioku/SEIKA (Please save my Earth) [4:23.63]
16. BLUE/Mai Yamane (COWBOY BEBOP) [5:08.18]

01. Sasurai no Cowboy – Cowboy Bebop Theme/TADA ‘ED’ AOI (COWBOY BEBOP CD-BOX) [3:16.34]
02. Doggy Dog (hungry size)/SEATBELTS (COWBOY BEBOP) [2:51.59]
03. Neko no Kimochi (Demo Version)/Gabriela Robin (Tenkuu no Escaflowne) [3:51.00]
04. Miwaku no Horse Riding/EHARA ANDY MASASHI (COWBOY BEBOP) [2:39.00]
05. WO QUI NON COIN/Aoi Tada (COWBOY BEBOP) [3:42.00]
06. No Money (more money size)/SEATBELTS (COWBOY BEBOP Movie) [1:20.27]
07. WARATTETA/Gabriela Robin (Oban Star Racers) [4:45.53]
08. CAT’S DELICACY/Gabriela Robin (Tenkuu no Escaflowne) [3:22.00]
09. AI Sentai Tachikoma/Tamagawa, Sakiko (Ghost in the Shell S.A.C.) [1:06.37]
10. Ranka and Bobby’s SMS Chant/Ranka Lee with Bobby Margaux (Macross F) [1:00.44]
11. ABC Mouse Parade/Gabriela Robin (Song to fly) [5:09.01]
12. Yoake no Octave/Maaya Sakamoto (Maaya Sakamoto Single Collection + Nikopachi) [1:51.25]

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13 Responses to “Space Bio Charge Track Lengths, Review”

  1. Josue Says:

    Okay this is a ramdom thing and nothing to do with this topic, but you gotta see this.

    Look for the Ranka and Sheryl Cosplay…!

    But that’s the only Yoko Kanno music featured.

    I still haven’t listened to the full album. Maybe I’ll buy it with my next paycheck.

  2. mai Says:

    Fufu, I feel like featuring that. There’s actually Platina, Lion, Triangler, Seikan Hikou, Diamond Crevasse and Sousei no Aquarion in that list.

  3. Josue Says:

    I forgot about those.

  4. roxfan Says:

    I’d say you have to buy this CD just for Waratteta :)

  5. Paliodor Says:

    I think that I buy this album, I only have “Lovers only” , GitS and Macross F CDs so this Bio Charge would be a good think to buy since there is a lot of great songs that I always wanted to have in my collection.

  6. Nico Says:

    I think the version of “could u bite the hand” is very different from the wolf’s rain OST. this one is better i think!

  7. mai Says:

    @Nico – it is? I think it’s pretty much the same one. Maybe you’re thinking of the other song, “Stray”?

  8. Barwkl Says:

    You left out “I do” on CD 2
    : O
    it should be track 13

  9. mai Says:

    Shucks, I only copied and pasted that from the first announce of the track list. I caught the fact that they changed Gabriela to Chinatsu Yamamoto a few days before the release, but I didn’t catch I Do, so let me fix that…

    @all: Also, someone from YKFan noticed, the tracks in this album add up to 49 pieces. 7×7=49. Coincidence? Hmmmm…

  10. jason Says:

    @roxfan: Warratteta is a really nice song, but not sure if it’s really worth the money. Then again, I did buy the GitS SAC cd boxset just for the bonus cd (already had all the other cds). And I have 3 copies of Solid State Society OST because I bought the R1 LE dvd of the movie… Anyways, any true Kanno fan would buy not only her anime soundtracks, but the CM Yoko cds and tv dama / movie soundtracks. I say this because I was looking over my cd collection recently I found the Shimotsuma Monogatari OST I bought a few years ago. XD

  11. Kirby Says:

    I just got it and I’m lovin’ it. Eco. Sizes doesn’t even look like short versions and I hadn’t heard WARATTETA before *o*…

    I was wondering if there’s a Yoko Kanno forum or something like that where you usually post to (I sometimes feel the need of posting some new topics xD…)

  12. mai Says:

    @Kirby – here:

  13. Kirby Says:

    @Mai – Thanks~ <3

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