Earth Girl Arjuna Unreleased Songs

The Earth Girl Arjuna OST 1 probably has the most Gabriela Robin material found on any Yoko Kanno album. But sadly, not all songs played in the animation was published. I guess there was a surplus of so many songs… The unofficial fan-ripped album created by roxfan of YKDB contains 47 background music tracks in total, and a couple of notable Gabriela-sounding songs in it.

UPDATE: Download the tracks here. These are available through RapidShare, so these links will expire if no one downloads them for a while:

Part 1
Part 2

Goliath made fan-transcribed lyrics to “Clouds”. Now aren’t you wondering why those weren’t placed in the OST? Wolf’s Rain and Ghost in the Shell: SAC unreleased songs will be next :)

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15 Responses to “Earth Girl Arjuna Unreleased Songs”

  1. Edseverripit Says:

    Well, that reminds me of the violin version of what sounds like Turkey/Torukia that I heard during GITS: S.A.C so hoping that they’ll release that tune anytime soon. BTW, I’ve done Replica by Robin at my site :)

  2. sopretty Says:

    where can you get the arjuna unreleased songs??

  3. mai Says:

    I will try to upload them in rapidshare and share it to everyone. Just standby.

    The Earth Girl Arjuna DVD has an option to remove the voices, so roxfan from YKDB just took out the songs that were not published. How that was done, I don’t know :P

  4. mai Says:

    They are up! Please inform others so that the links won’t expire that fast :P

  5. elha Says:

    oh my good, this is just incredible! thanx so much for this, this must be some of the best music yoko has ever done.

  6. mai Says:

    Yes, I also think it deserves another album ;)

  7. tobirankai Says:

    Ah. “Clouds” is so pretty.
    aAnyone making piano sheet music for it?

    Be nice if someone could!

  8. Maya Says:

    Its a pity they wont published I wonder why… They are such awesome songs. T_T. Thank you for sharing I been looking for them thro all the internet .

  9. Imogen_Luna Says:

    Aaah yes! :D
    Thank you so so much for uploading these (including wolfs rain). I am a big fan of hers and she really has inspired me.

  10. Valse Says:

    i wish there’s a song of the episode 3 when tokyo visits Juna Mom please please please i want that song so badly, i think I can try to post a sheet music piano for Clouds when i have time Ill tell you people : D

  11. Valse Says:

    OMG… it was the track 28 T__T snif…

  12. Nicolas Says:

    Este es uno de los animes mas maravillosos que e visto , por mucho tiempo e buscado la version extendida del OST asuras jittaika que aparece en el cap 13 espero encontrarla aqui, muchisimas gracias por todo.

    un saludo

  13. Nicolas Says:

    no logro encontrar la version extendida de Asura jittaika que aparece en el cap 13 , porfavor si alguien sabe donde encontrarla que me diga porfavor :)

  14. Nicolas Says:

    Help me!!! I am looking for the extended version of Asura jittaika of the ep.13

    I’m sorry I do not speak English!!!! :D

  15. Gloria Says:

    It´s fantastic the work that your doing, all this bites of music are fantastic inside of them are big spirit thank you so much from México. Sorry for the worst english ever. kisses and hugs.

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