Grand Funk “Hidden CMs”

I’ve mentioned before that I’m too lazy to check Grand Funk for the CMs that suddenly appeared without notice… apparently ffbum has checked them out way before I noticed them last February!!! There are certainly gems in here, and not just the instrumental version of After All.

Looks like one of these tracks will go to Space Bio Charge ;) I’m sure you guys will know what I’m talking about once you hear it.

Also, I just noticed that there are tracks there under “Samply Red” too, which aren’t in ffbum’s collection. Nothing particularly of my liking though. Here are some from ff’s set that I like.

These are only some of the “hidden CMs”, the rest are downloadable in the YK FanBlog.

For reference, the tracks are:

10039 – Shiseido
11026 – Toshiba
4123 – NTT Do.Co.Mo
7132 – Murata Manufacturing Co.
5052 – NTT Group
6025 – Asahi Kasei
6065 – Calpis (released)
7060 – Canon
09016 – Shiseido
09140 – Family Mart
4071 – Apple
4098 – Apple
3130 – Apple
5011 – Kagome (released)
5068 – Suntory
16106 – Caloriemate

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4 Responses to “Grand Funk “Hidden CMs””

  1. Pippa Says:

    The Murata one is fantastic, what a gorgeous set of tracks *_*

  2. mai Says:

    That’s what CMYoko3 is for I guess :D

  3. Pulseczar Says:

    This is great news! Kind of makes you wonder why hadn’t Grandfunk made them available before.

    Ok, off to ripping

  4. Maskerade Says:

    The Murata one is gorgeous beyond words…. very very inspiring. And 4123 is from Arjuna!! Like the backing track to the actual song lol. Still pretty :)

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