May’n Is Macross F’s Sheryl Nome

May’n JVC site reports that “歌シェリル”は“May’n”(メイン)が担当!(roughly translated to: May’n is in charge of Sheryl Nome’s songs). The site also mentions that she is 18 years old.

May’n's Blog also shows us the photo of an industry-only sample of the Diamond Crevasse/Don’t Be Late CD single. I was a bit surprised seeing the text “両A面” when describing the CD. Roughly translated, the text is “both A side”, which kind of made me think that the CD single is double-sided. I did a bit of research and found out that it translates to double A-side, which means that there are two featured songs in the CD single. This is May’n's first double A-side single, she says in her blog.

By the way, “May’n” is pronounced the same way you pronounce the English word “main”.

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