Megumi Nakajima: Tenshi ni Naritai Debuts in Oricon Dailies at #12

Edit: Short note – I just noticed that Megumi’s latest blog entry had “Wanna be an Angel” in its title. So her single “Tenshi ni Naritai” does translate to that :D

Not a very good showing, I was expecting top 10 at least. There may be many factors that affected this release, one of them would have to be the fact that I think the songs have been officially up for download beforehand. I sure wish I knew where to look for download stats, because we know that CMYoko+2 also had low rankings despite (or because of) a surprisingly good showing in the download charts.

The other factor that might have affected this release is the absence of link to retail high-striker Macross. May’n's release had a promotional video of a song which is being publicized with a link to Kanno and her work in Macross F, not adding her solo of Lion was also included in the album.

On a side note, last time I checked the Newtype character rankings for most popular female characters, Sheryl is still #2 (terrible showing for Gundam 00 :P ), while Ranka is nowhere in sight…

Anyway, best of luck to Megumi Nakajima and her future releases! Sing a ballad for us, Megumi!!!

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11 Responses to “Megumi Nakajima: Tenshi ni Naritai Debuts in Oricon Dailies at #12”

  1. hashi Says:

    I really enjoy this album. I like actual pop: Pine and Be Myself are great. I really like the “deviant” cut, too. The title cut, not so much.

    I notice that in your review of the album you featured the one gentle, Ranka-ish photo as opposed to one of the three that showed the more artsy, harder look with the boots and the frou-frou skirt. I was wondering if she chose that new image to “be herself,” and if it depressed sales by going a bit counter to her Ranka image. Of course, the absence of any Macross tie-in would have had a big effect.

    In any case, she is a real singer, more skilled than all but a very few current seiyuu-singers. Maybe more than all but four that I can recall (Maaya, Nana-chan, Chihara Minori, and Hayami Saori).

  2. mai Says:

    @hashi – I have that one as a picture in my review because that was the only other picture I saw in the internet aside from the actual cover. I admit that don’t own the CD (I don’t buy singles, and I don’t really feel like buying this kind of music).

    Opinion start: I also liked that picture of hers more than the one with the boots. Her hair and dress looked like she was really “herself”, because that’s how I see her dress up in her blog. The dress didn’t look like ‘Ranka’ at all to me, as it’s the fad in Asia right now. My colleagues and friends wear them for parties, and I personally own a slightly more formal top that looks like that.

    Also, here’s a better quality of the cover:

  3. Mei Says:

    I loved the other image of Megumi. The donuts around her looks comedic. Add the hairstyle. She’ll probably look back on that picture years from now and remember how she used to wear over-the-top costumes :P I really don’t expect Megumi to top May’n. May’n's famous enough to do an international tour and Megumi is still starting out. Speaking of Megumi’s album, Dajare no uta is such a nice change of her voice lol It’s amusing. I didn’t recognize her. She’s good. She makes up for the lack of higher range (like May’n) through the timbre of her voice. I think besides Pine, I loved all of the songs in it. I can’t find a perfect word to describe Tenshi ni Naritai other than it rocks. I wish Megumi’s career skyrockets in the future too. I love her.

  4. Ruel Says:

    I don’t think that early download alone could cost sales to go down much, well it does but not as much as this (I didn’t really check whats available to be downloaded in itunes but I don’t think the whole single was up for download). I think it’s also due to lack of a strong fanbase outside of Macross. Nakajima Megumi is now starting to promote herself and not Ranka, she didn’t do this earlier unlike May’n; so much of the people outside of Macross fans wouldn’t really know much about her to begin with. That and probably a bit of wrongtiming, there’s a lot of good singles that came out this week. That’s my personal opinion though since I’m no showbiz expert, I can only speak from what I personally see and think.

    Songwise though, I really like Pine and Tenshi ni Naritai, most of the song is more anime genre type though that the transition with any suitable anime is easy to make.

    She looks pretty in the picture of the albums. It proves that she is indeed a beautiful artist. I hope as she sails through her career she develops a better live performance, or at least sing songs in which that are more comfortable with her actual range.

    This ranking though, honestly speaking not a whole lot of artist that came out fresh from an anime series would even accomplish a 12, so I don’t think its necessarily bad.

  5. mai Says:

    @Ruel – I think you’re right about the fanbase, but the wrong timing perhaps not so much… Yesterday, the 7 lower-rank singles that are in the top 10 had an unlisted amount of units sold*, in short, that means they didn’t sell well either. The lowest one that had a listed amount sold about 5000+, and it landed third on the spot. By experience, the very bottom of the top 10 would have sold about 1000-2000 CDs or less, and for Megumi to rank lower means she just sold less. May’n's CD debut in comparison sold almost 7000 on its first day, and got on #2.

    *when I say “sold”, this is the Oricon sales index. You multiply this index by 1.7 to find out an estimate of the overall sales.

  6. jason Says:

    I guess I’m in the minority since I’m not impressed by Megumi’s music outside of Macross F. Her new single sounds too much like typical / generic jpop music to me. I feel the same about May’n too.

  7. Ruel Says:

    Mai-Thanks for the clarification, perhaps wrong timing shouldn’t have been the word I had used, I should have simply say that there was a good line-up of CD’s in the top ten list (music-wise). I just think that the top-ten, well most of it, had really deserve their rankings. Thanks for the estimate formula.

  8. mai Says:

    @Ruel – I think you’re right about those that made it to the top 10, I saw some really big names in there XD

    @jason – The music for May’n's and Megumi’s releases are not on par with what they released with Macross F, but I personally think the one for May’n was quite okay – if only the tracks had better arrangement, it would have been stellar. Some tracks had a nice melody, but the instrumentation was bland.

  9. mai Says:

    !!! The other version of the cover should have been the cover. It looks beautiful without the donuts and poofy hair:

  10. raile Says:

    Hawt Megumi is hawt. I have to admit, I enjoyed listening to her songs. I was also a bit surprised why Megumi didn’t at least get into the top 10. But oh well, it was a nice listen.

  11. Ahddie Says:

    I really like Tenshi ni Naritai!XD Too bad there isn’t any romaji lyrics posted…

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